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"It is our duty to share our story with the world. We need more people to know exactly what infertility is and how the right doctor plays a large role" – A 10-year infertility struggle

Jaya* and Raj* had been married for 16 years when they came to Oasis. 14 years ago, two years into the marriage (when they were 20 and 30 respectively), they decided to have kids and started planning for the same. They tried for close to two years, but with no results. So, they decided to seek medical help.

They approached a gynecologist & infertility specialist in their city for medical intervention. This is when their harrowing time of infertility treatment happened. The doctor they approached, did not test either of them and quickly suggested they go in for Intra Uterine Insemination. Without proper knowledge of the treatment, they agreed and went in for it. However, the first cycle was not successful. So, the doctor suggested they go in for another cycle and this continued on & on and they went in for 10 cycles of IUI, unsuccessfully.

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Despite the severely stressful period, the doctor did not deem it important to analyze and understand the problem. “She would never tell us what the exact problem was. She would just send us for treatment cycles”, said Jaya. 

Continuing the same method of treatment, she decided to send the couple for an IVF cycle after the IUIs were unsuccessful. Jaya and Raj went through this expensive and emotionally difficult treatment three times (which included one cycle of donor oocyte IVF). By this time 10 years had passed and Jaya & Raj were no where close to understanding what was wrong – their entire life was on hold. 

During this period of 10 years, Jaya got pregnant naturally twice, both of which ended in miscarriages. “I fought with our doctor. She did nothing about the miscarriages and directly suggested we go in for an IVF cycle”, said Jaya. 

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At the end of these three IVF cycles, the doctor suggested that it might be difficult for them to have children and continued placing them under the umbrella of “unexplained infertility case.”

They had given up all hope and were considering adoption when a friend of Raj’s suggested they give Oasis a shot. Raj had given up all hope, but Jaya was willing to give it one final shot before making a decision. Then they came into Oasis and met Dr. Durga. Our doctors sent the couple for tests and took forward the investigations. 

“I remember that I cried every time I would meet Dr. Durga. But, she was very patient and would explain things to me”, says Jaya. With investigations, we found that Jaya needed a fibroid removal and we conducted a hysteroscopy with the fibroid removal. During the course of our investigations, we also found that she had a tuberculosis infection in her uterus which was causing all the miscarriages and lack of success.

After referring her to an external physician, she was put on medications for the TB infection. After a period of one year since she came to Oasis, one cycle of IVF was conducted with donor oocyte.

Jaya conceived in the first cycle at Oasis and currently they are both parents of twins – a boy and a girl!

Raj says,” It is our duty to share our story with the world. We need more people to know exactly what infertility is and how the right doctor plays a large role.” 

* Names changed to protect privacy

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