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Are you chosing the Right Fertility Centre?

Pregnancy needs both male and female partner so does the diagnosis of infertility. When it comes to diagnosis of not being able to conceive, where the problem may lie and the concerned solutions, couples always wish there was a single doctor whom both of them could consult.

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Can anyone go in for an IVF treatment (fertility treatment)?

In the present day (especially in urban India), times are changing and more & more people are taking longer to settle into matrimony and plan children. Hence, there is a significant raise in fertility problems, which are not just related to age, but are also related to lifestyle. A common working individual finds it tough […]

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Does your IVF Clinic follow the rules of the ART Bill?  

The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) has drafted a bill for Assisted Reproductive Technologies. This bill is yet to become an act, but introduction of the same will take things a long way in checking several unethical practices in the field of assisted reproductive technologies in India.

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11 Questions to ask before choosing a fertility clinic

1. Does the centre strictly adhere to ICMR guidelines? The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) has a set of strict guidelines to be followed by any fertility/ IVF centre. Currently, though this is not a law, it is a bill pending in the parliament to be passed. So, it is definitely mandatory for an […]

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