Endometrial Thickness – What You Need To Know

Image reference: Your body prepares the endometrium to host an embryo, each month, during your menstrual cycle. During this process, the endometrial thickness increases or decreases. Two major hormones, estrogen and progesterone, cause these cycles of endometrial growth along with its shedding through menstruation if pregnancy does not occur. Let’s take a detailed look […]

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Signs You Are At Most Fertile Point

The time of the month when your menstrual cycle occurs is an important thing you look forward to if you are trying to conceive. The cycle generally lasts between 28 to 32 days, and your body releases an egg after 12 to 16 days. This is when ovulation takes place where your body is preparing […]

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Is Pregnancy Possible After 40?

With the rising sense of freedom and will for women in society and a supporting mindset towards their career and needs, the meaning of pregnancy has also taken a new set of definitions. Pregnancy is no more what you need to achieve before you are 30. Gone are those days when people used to think […]

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