Success Story

પ્રત્યેક માનવીની ઇચ્છા ઇચ્છા હોય છે કે તે સમયથી જ માતાપિતા બનશે

પ્રત્યેક માનવીની ઇચ્છા હોય છે કે તે સમયથી જ માતાપિતા બનશે. દવા અને તકનીકીના ક્ષેત્રમાં નવી વિજ્ઞાનિક પ્રગતિઓએ ઘણા નિસંતાન યુગલો માટે બાળકની કલ્પના શક્ય બનાવી છે IVF, IUI, IVM જેવી ઉમર પ્રજનનક્ષમતાની સારવારએ ઘણાં કારણોસર કલ્પના કરી શકતા ન હોય તેવા ઘણા માતા–પિતાને જીવનની નવી લીઝ આપી અને નવી આશા આપી. સમગ્ર વિશ્વમાં અને […]

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वंध्यत्व- ‘निदान’ बोलूया!

“बऱ्याचदा काय चुकलं हे शोधण्यापेक्षा, आपण मात्र कोणाचं चुकलं हे शोधत राहतो ! “ समस्येचं निराकरण करण्यापेक्षा त्या भोवती आपण भावनिकरीत्या गुंतून राहतो. वंध्यत्व ही अशीच एक समस्या! लग्न झाल्यानंतर सर्व काही ठीक सुरु असतं. दिवस आनंदात जात असतात, परंतु काही महिने किंवा वर्ष गेल्यानंतरही ‘दिवस जात नाही‘ म्हणून विचारणा होऊ लागते. सुरुवातीला हे दडपण […]

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My Struggle With Infertility

While I am writing these sentences, it still feels like a dream or better to state it actually felt like a nightmare. In the event that you or somebody near to you has fought infertility, I wish I could reach out and hug them through my write-ups. It’s something I would not wish on my […]

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How OASIS Helped Me Fight PCOS To Get Pregnant?

Being a woman, one of the conditions that we fear is PCOS or PCOD, short for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or Disorder. And, I happened to be a victim of it. I was diagnosed with this condition when I visited my general physician due to highly irregular periods or no periods for a few months altogether. […]

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PGS Success Story

Nazia, 42 years old and Sultan 47 years old with 17 years of marriage and history of 2 miscarriages and 4 failed IVF cycles, were referred to Oasis by an

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Success Stories – Lifestyle Based Infertility

Rahul* and Pooja* were 39 and 35 years of age when they walked into the doors of Oasis. After being married for 4 years, they tried for 2 years to have a baby naturally. However, the natural route did not work for them.  By this time Pooja was increasingly worried about her biological clock ticking […]

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