Fertility Treatments

Questions You Need to Ask Your Fertility Specialist

It is not an easy thing to see an infertility specialist as it can be both a bit scary and give you hope. You will be in for learning about several new terms and tests that you probably didn’t even know to exist. Further, if you want to discuss treatment options such as in vitro […]

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Does Folic Acid Increase Fertility?

Folate is a B-complex vitamin, to be precise folic acid is also known as vitamin B9. Folic acid plays a vital role in preventing birth defects, preterm deliveries, and many other health issues. The National Institute of Health recommends about 400 micrograms of folate in the diet of an adult. It is a lesser known […]

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Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day

February is important for all the couples around the globe. Another day in February is as crucial as valentine’s day. The Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day is observed on February 12th, though the day is celebrated very rarely. Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day: A day to raise the awareness about health issues related […]

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4 Things Your Embryologist Recommends About Your IVF Procedure

As couples go through their marital journey, some may undergo diagnosis of infertility and they need to attempt pregnancy using In-vitro fertilization (IVF). The process usually starts with meeting their physician and beginning the first step of the process that includes preparation, stimulation, and monitoring along with their doctors and nurses. The actual functioning of […]

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