Infertility Treatment

My Struggle With Infertility

While I am writing these sentences, it still feels like a dream or better to state it actually felt like a nightmare. In the event that you or somebody near to you has fought infertility, I wish I could reach out and hug them through my write-ups. It’s something I would not wish on my […]

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Things to know about Secondary Infertility

A couple’s inability to have a second child is usually termed as the Secondary Infertility, which is very common these days. It often happens with women who are in their 30s or mid-30s and trying to conceive after a long time, say six months or a year. Of course, there has been a lot of […]

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How To Tackle Nil Sperm Count With Expert Help

Azoospermia is a fertility issue that affects around 2 percent of the general male population. It is a condition when a man does not have measurable amount of sperm in his semen and seeks help from a fertility specialist. Usually, a Semen analysis is performed to determine the number of viable sperm. If virtually no […]

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Delayed Pregnancy, Pills and Infertility

Birth control or delayed pregnancy does have its effect on fertility – which is definitely not to say that these factors necessarily lead to infertility. But yes- delayed pregnancy does engender complications of some sort or the other. The problem is you are likely to get contradictory views when you look up the internet or […]

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A Few Myths about Male Infertility Debunked

As shocking as the figures may “sound”, let us tell you that approximately, 2,000,000 men in America are diagnosed with fertility issues. It has been maintained though that only if men agree to bring about simple lifestyle changes, the number will not rise in the coming years. It has been consistently seen that men shy […]

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Some Myths and Truths about Infertility Treatment

  When you are planning to go for infertility treatment you should know certain facts about it. After all, it is you who invest money and time; hence, you should avoid all tensions and worries that may come due to ignorance or misinformation.

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