How long should women try to get pregnant before calling their doctors?

Infertility may affect anyone, irrespective of gender. The infertile condition can be divided into, primary and secondary infertility. When a couple is failing to have their first baby, the condition is known as primary infertility. Likewise, secondary infertility is when a couple has at least one child but failing to have another baby. But, when […]

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Things to know about Secondary Infertility

A couple’s inability to have a second child is usually termed as the Secondary Infertility, which is very common these days. It often happens with women who are in their 30s or mid-30s and trying to conceive after a long time, say six months or a year. Of course, there has been a lot of […]

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What is IUI? How does it work?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is an infertility treatment that includes putting sperm inside the mother’s uterus to help fertilization. The objective of IUI is to increase both quality and quantity of sperms those reach the fallopian tubes and accordingly increase the chances of fertilization. IUI gives the sperms a head start, yet at the same time, […]

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Myths and Facts about Infertility

The fact that you cannot give birth to a child or are not able to conceive is just a physical inability for both the parents of you and your partner. It Infertility also causes a lot of stress, mental depression and sadness leading to even more strain on the hormone levels. But, of course, even […]

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Why is Infertility very common these days?

Infertility has been on the major rise in the recent past years. There has been of course a huge amount of increase in the number of patients visiting fertility clinics nowadays. A lot of disease-oriented core factors exist behind the lack of fertility but their increase in recent years have a lot of reasons. Here […]

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Male infertility – an overview

By the time you’re here, reading this, you would have been bombarded with scary bits of information that could create enough stress to cause infertility even if you aren’t. The issue here is that information such as 45 to 50% of all infertility cases are attributable to men[1] –

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