Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine helps couples realize the wonderful bond called family

Parenthood is a dream for almost every couple. However, a large number of couples are facing infertility conditions, that deprive them of parenthood. In fact, one in every six couples is affected by some degree of infertility. With more couples having difficulties with conception due to lifestyle, stress and age, intervention through fertility treatments is becoming more and more necessary. Oasis offers couples the comfort and convenience of consultations, investigations and advanced treatments by highly experienced and trained fertility experts and embryologists, all under one roof. We, at Oasis, strive to give each of our patients a personalized treatment and the care they deserve, doing so with utmost confidentiality. We recognize couples’ need for an approach that is both compassionate and competent.

Since it’s inception in 2009, Oasis has established itself as a trusted healthcare service provider in the field of reproductive medicine. Take a tour of Oasis, Our treatments and Our state of the art laboratories.

8 Reasons To Choose Oasis

Oasis is a trusted and leading healthcare service provider in the field of reproductive medicine and is dedicated helping couples to experience the wonderful bond called family

Collective experience of more than 200 years

Clinical Expertise with over 200 years of experience available for you 24/7

All Under One Roof

All infertility treatments ranging from conventional IUI to advanced PGD/ PGS under one roof- A choice of treatments to choose what is right for you

Class 10,000 State-of-the-Art IVF Lab

We have highly advanced IVF lab, which helps optimize the results of Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Happy Couples

High Success rates and ever increasing happy couples.

Our Priority is You

We provide individual treatment plans tailored specifically to your needs.

Our Approach

Transparency, Ethics and Values

Evidence Based Practice

Quality Systems And Evidence based practice

Family Friendly Center

A family friendly center addressing all infertility needs and offering medical and psycho-social support throughout the journey.

3,427+ IUI Cycles

2,125+ IVF Cycles

234+ Donor Cycles


Our team at Oasis will keep you updated with latest news about Oasis, fertility treatments and our success stories. Take a look

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Some of Our Happy Clients

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