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State of The Art IVF and Ovum Pickup Lab

Designed to Increase the Implantation Success Rates

Scientific Architecture and Design
We, at Oasis pride ourselves about the impeccable standards we maintain in our IVF lab. The lab is crucial for the treatments offered at our centre and we ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained here. We gave great attention while designing the lab in order to ensure an error-free, accident-free and easily accessible room which would be the perfect environment to let the embryo grow and aid the overall success of implantation in our patients. Our lab is one of the very few labs in India that has proper Total Quality Management in place which optimizes the results of the Assisted Reproductive Techniques.
Class 10,000 Lab Environment
Certain volatile organic compounds and other particles in the air can affect the growth of an embryo. In order to avoid this, we make sure that we maintain a Class 10,000 cleanroom in order to restrict the air contamination. There is a centralized air handling unit (AHU) with 0.3micron HEPA filters to maintain the air quality. Additional to the central AHU we also have a LAB guard with HEPA filters. Twice every year we do particle counts to ascertain that the lab is maintaining class 10,000 environments and once every year we change the HEPA filters.
State of the Art Equipment
Our IVF lab is equipped with state of the art equipments and latest technologies. The constant checks and improvements we make to keep up with the international standards add to our high success rates and happy couples.
Toxicity-tested Consumables
All our consumables including needles, petri dishes and media which are used for embryo culturing are MEA tested for toxicity. All consumables are high-quality, imported material and we ensure that they are used just once. Additionally, we also implement sperm toxicity testing before using a new product for routine procedures.
Total Quality Management and Quality Audits
Our IVF lab is equivalent to a production system with zero tolerance for errors. We have frequent quality control cycles (beginning of the day and end of the day), log sheets for monitoring, standard operating procedures (SOP) for all procedures and timed interval maintenance of equipment. We also send out our lab reports to other centres to compare results in order to understand if any improvements are required in our treatments and processes. Annually, we employ senior embryologists and clinicians from across the world to undertake an external quality audit of our lab.
24/7 Power Uptime
One cannot afford to miss a heartbeat. Since our lab cannot tolerate any downtime, we made it triple sure by three backups in place to ensure 24/7 uptime for our IVF labs.
Witnessing Systems to Ensure Zero Error
All our lab microscopes are attached with cameras and every procedure is witnessed by 2 people to ensure that no sample is mixed up and our patients are implanted with the correct embryo. All our samples are labeled with the IDs at the time of collection itself and our patients countercheck the ID right before implantation.
Private & Respectful Sample Collection Facility
We understand that our patients go through a stressful time while undergoing ART treatments. Also the quality of sperm is best when the semen sample is collected in a relaxed fashion. So, we try our level best to provide patients with as much privacy while at our centre. To further this, we have a separate room with an attached bathroom to be used for semen collection. This place is private and both partners can be present together while getting the sample.
Qualified & Trained Lab Personnel
Our lab technicians are not mere technicians – we ensure that we strictly hire individuals who have a post graduate degree in sciences and they understand all the testing & analysis in our lab.
Documentation to Improve the Quality
The basic principle of IVF is that – if it is not documented it is not done. All the procedures in our lab are documented and at frequent intervals we analyse trends to understand if any corrective action is required. Oasis has exclusive IVF software which helps manage our records efficiently. All our worksheets are preserved for 10 years from the procedure date. Adequate measures are taken to avoid compromises on data management at Oasis.