IVF Treatment Cost in India

Parenthood is one of the greatest milestones in life. But some couples are unable to conceive naturally and may need assisted reproductive techniques like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) to achieve their dream of having a biological child. Some feel that the IVF cost in Hyderabad is too high and hence either postpone IVF treatment or give up their hopes of having a child. But delaying fertility treatment will never help as the fertility of women reduces with age. Also, one size fits all option cannot be applied to fertility treatments as each and every individual’s health condition is different.

IVF treatment cost depends on various factors like the type of medications used, the type of tests done, and the number of IVF attempts. It is important to understand that the same IVF treatment that worked for your relative or friend may not work for you as your medical history, health status, age, weight, etc. varies from another person. Hence IVF cost will vary from couple to couple and also be different in various locations. IVF cost includes investigation (blood tests, diagnostic tests, scans), IVF medicines, OPU charges, Lab charges, etc., and any other specific procedure that is used. There are EMI options too that can help you financially to achieve your parenthood dream.

Before you take up IVF, it is very important to be financially prepared. You should also have clarity on what is IVF and how is it done. This will give the confidence to undergo IVF.

IVF treatment cost in India at Oasis Fertility:

Oasis Fertility always is patient-centric and its core motto is to provide affordable treatments. It also offers several cost-effective and highly personalized treatments to couples to enable them to become happy parents. Patients’ safety is Oasis’ prime concern and has introduced advanced procedures that provide the highest levels of safety and are also cost-effective. We use advanced technologies that help us improve the success rate. With EWS (Electronic Witnessing System), we ensure there is no sample mismatch in an IVF process by which we identify, track, and monitor each step of IVF. We have highly qualified and experienced fertility specialists and the finest embryologists in the country providing the best treatment experience to the couples. Oasis Fertility offers evidence-based fertility treatments that are affordable, accessible and compassionate.

Once you decide on the fertility clinic, discuss with the financial counselor about the various options that can help you have a hassle-free parenthood journey. Don’t just decide to go with a fertility centre where the IVF cost is less. You have to choose a fertility centre based on several factors including the kind of expertise and advanced technologies it has. Check out if the fertility centre follows ethical guidelines and transparency.

In Vitro Fertilization(IVF) Treatment Cost in India by City:

SNo Location IVF Offers
1 Hyderabad ₹ 95,000
2 Secunderabad ₹ 95,000
3 Warangal ✅ 10000/-* Off on IVF
4 Vijayawada ₹ 94,999
5 Vishakhapatnam ₹ 94,999
6 Guntur ₹ 79,000
7 Chennai ✅ 1st IVF 74999
✅ 3 IVF cycles at 119999
8 Bangalore ₹ 94,999
9 Ranchi ✅ 25000/-* Off on IVF
10 Vadodara ₹ 94,999
11 Pune ₹ 94,999
13 Ongole ₹ 94,999
14 Tirupati ₹ 1,24,999
15 Karimnagar ✅ 10000/-* Off on IVF
16 Kurnool ₹ 94,999
17 Bhubaneswar ✅ 10000/-* Off on IVF
18 Nashik IVF @ ₹ 74,999* Include OPU ICSI

*Terms & Conditions
*The above amounts are subject to variation.
Please check with the center for current promotional offers.

Why does IVF cost differ from couple to couple?

Let us take a look at some cases wherein IVF cost increases:

1. If you require certain procedures:

For example, some women may have endometriosis or any other medical condition for which diagnostic procedures like laparoscopy or hysteroscopy may be required, leading to additional costs.

2. If your age is more than 35:

If a woman is of advanced maternal age, say 35+, fertility experts may recommend PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing) which is an advanced genetic test to identify embryos with chromosomal abnormalities as the quality of the egg decreases with

age and the chance of chromosomal abnormalities increases with age. Even if you or your spouse has a history of genetic diseases, PGT will be recommended to rule out the transmission of genetic diseases to the child.

3. For the selection of healthy sperms:

Healthy sperms are needed for a successful IVF treatment. For some, sperms may have morphological or motility issues, so techniques like MACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting) or Microfluidics may be required to select the best sperms for the IVF process for a better outcome. Procedures like these increase the IVF cost in the case of some couples.

4. If you require ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection):

Couples with severe male factor infertility may need an ICSI procedure to achieve pregnancy wherein sperm is directly injected into the egg. ICSI improves the success rate and may slightly increase your IVF cost.

5. In the case of Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET):

Some women may have to undergo FET instead of Fresh cycle IVF due to some reasons. For this, their embryos need to be frozen and IVF would be done later. Freezing of embryos may add up to your IVF cost.

6. In case of low or no sperm count:

When there are certain fertility issues in men like low or no sperm count, advanced sperm retrieval techniques like TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration), or MicroTESE (Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction) may be used to extract sperms that can be used for the IVF process which can increase your IVF cost.

7. In the case of donor treatment:

In the case of some couples, the egg or sperm quality may not be as expected which may necessitate the use of a donor egg or sperm which may lead to additional treatment costs.

8. For couples who may need surrogacy:

Some medical issues may not permit a woman to get pregnant and for which surrogacy may be advised. In that case, IVF cost may increase.

9. Some couples may need more IVF cycles:

In the case of some couples, the first IVF cycle may not be successful. They may require additional cycles of IVF. Depending on the number of attempts, the IVF cost will naturally increase.

10. In case of repeated miscarriages:

When women suffer due to repeated miscarriages or recurrent implantation failure, they may need advanced testing called ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array) which analyses endometrial genes to identify if the endometrium is receptive enough for implantation after which transfer of embryo is done. ERA test may help in improving the success rate of IVF. For some women, Embryo Glue may be used to increase the chance of implantation which will add up to the IVF treatment cost.

11. Depending on IVF medications:

The IVF cost may vary depending on the IVF medications as well. The type of medication, duration, and dose may vary from person to person resulting in additional IVF cost in some couples.

12. Depending on the city:

The IVF cost may differ from city to city. The cost may be slightly higher in metropolitan cities.

13. Depending on the Treatment Protocols:

All couples will not have the same kind of IVF treatment as the health condition and the way each person reacts to medications is different. Some women may require IVM (In vitro maturation) treatment and some may need CAPA IVM (Capacitation IVM) /Drug Free IVF which is a much safer treatment, especially for women with ovarian maturation problems, and who are prone to side effects like Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). Therefore, the cost will vary depending on the protocol.

14. In the case of Diet and Psychological Counselling:

Some couples may need to take up the support of Nutrition, Wellness and Psychology experts during the course of IVF. Women or men who are obese may need exclusive diet plans and recommendations for weight reduction that will help them in their fertility journey. A holistic approach is necessary for couples undergoing IVF and one has to choose a fertility centre that gives such additional services.

15. IUI cost:

In the case of some patients, fertility experts may advise IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) before proceeding to IVF. Some women may conceive within 3 or 4 attempts of IUI. IVF will be recommended for those who are not able to achieve pregnancy through IUI.

Few tips to help you in your IVF journey:

1. Do proper research before you choose a clinic

2. Have clarity on the financial part before you take up IVF

3. Don’t compare your IVF journey with any other couple

4. Get to know financial options like EMI, etc.

5. Don’t get stressed and be calm as stress can negatively affect the outcome of the IVF cycle

6. Don’t blindly select a clinic where the IVF cost is too low

7. Have a healthy weight and eat a balanced diet as your body weight also affects the outcome of IVF

You can make your IVF journey more pleasant, convenient, and stress-free by planning financially before you take up IVF. Happy parenthood!

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