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In this modern hi-tech life we are caught amidst altered lifestyle, decreasing fertility levels, higher incidence of cancer in young individuals and increasing cost of treatment. In spite of advanced scientific technology we still cannot assure 100% success in assisted reproductive technology. The focus now is to come up with techniques which can improve success rates, decrease treatment costs and at the same time preserve the fertility potential of young individuals. Cryopreservation of gametes and embryos through FREEZING / VITRIFICATION is one such initiative which is gaining importance in infertility management.

At OASIS we are now routinely cryopreserving semen, zygote stage embryos, cleavage stage embryos and blastocyst stage embryos using this technique. With recent advancements it is also possible to successfully cryo-preserve oocytes and testicular tissue. We are among the clinics to offer oocyte and embryo freezing in India with excellent post thaw survival & implantation rates.


This is the latest technique in freezing and is most effective since it takes just a few minutes and offers better post thaw survival and success rates.

Vitrification derived from the Latin word vitrum (glass), is the process whereby the solution containing the gametes/embryos is cooled so quickly that it instantaneously solidifies into a glass-like structure, allowing no time for ice crystals to form.

At Oasis, we offer the following vitrification treatments:

Oocyte Vitrification

Egg freezing via VITRIFICATION is a safety net available at Oasis where her eggs are frozen and used at a later stage when she decides to get pregnant naturally using her own genetic material. This procedure is not yet available in most centres in India.

Embryo Cryo Preservation

This is the most efficient technique that offers the couple an opportunity to have a family. In this technique women’s eggs are fertilized with the sperm of the husband and then frozen, so that the embryos can be used when the couple is ready to have a baby.

Ovarian Transplantation

Ovarian transplantation is a technique where a small piece of ovarian tissue is cryo-preserved. Later the tissue is thawed and re transplanted, when pregnancy is desired. This is still a new technique and also not very successful as of date. However, with emerging technology this technique is sure to bring wonderful results in the future.

Semen Freezing

In the process of Semen freezing, semen is collected and mixed with equal amount of cryoprotectant (chemical to protect the sperm cells from cryo-damage) and stored in Liquid nitrogen.

For more Details visit Freezing/Vitrification faq

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