Assisted Hatching for Embryos

Assisted Hatching for Embryos

Assisted hatching (AH) is a micromanipulation procedure in which a hole is made in the zona pellucida just prior to embryo transfer to facilitate hatching of the embryo. Although AH has not been demonstrated definitively to improve live birth rates, AH may be used for older women or couples who have failed prior IVF attempts and incases with documented thick zonae in previous cycles.

The state of art IVF lab at OASIS offers OCTAX laser shot system for microsurgery in assisted reproductive technology. 1.48µm infra red diode lasers are used. OCTAX laser from Germany has got wide range of applications like biopsy of oocytes and embryos for PGD, assisted hatching, manipulation of oocytes and immobilization of sperm for ICSI.

At OASIS, assisted hatching using laser is applied for couples with recurrent IVF failure, cases where embryos have thicker zona pellucida (outer covering of the egg), women with advanced maternal age, embryos produced from In-Vitro Maturation (IVM) and in frozen embryo transfers.

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