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Be Positive, But Not Over The Top

Be Positive, But Not Over The Top

The people suffering from infertility issues face tremendous social pressure. Maintaining a positive outlook becomes often difficult, and negativity frequently kicks in. Sometimes, being too positive can cause fatal repercussions.  “Trust me it will work” or “Never give up” can be quite motivating but, it need not necessarily have the same effect, especially to those who have been suffering from this problem for long. They go through consistent disappointments, while others who once faced the same problem have already achieved their dream of parenthood.  Phrases like “Good vibes only” or “Don’t be negative” to the people still undergoing treatments can put added pressure.

It is at times like this you should stay strong and maintain a balance of your emotions of being too positive or too negative.  These fluctuations in your mental state or mood swings can impact the treatment that you are taking.

If stress can influence the chance of conception, managing it may improve the odds. Technically, in stressful situations, cortisol, a hormone, promotes metabolism; sustained high levels of it can raise blood pressure, cause weight gain, or lead to other health problems.

Mental health and fertility

One of the most significant transformations in an adult’s life is parenthood. Having said this, the stress of not being able to attain parenthood can be linked to the emotional aftermath of anger, anxiety, marital problems, depression, sexual dysfunction, and social isolation. Couples face stigma or low self-esteem due to their infertility, show higher levels of distress. Both women and men experience feelings of defectiveness and incompetence.

The infertility treatments frequently involve assisted reproduction. The process of assisted reproduction itself is associated with higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. One of the most challenging concerns encompassing infertility is the ambiguity of whether the treatment will be successful or not. Proceeding over very many diagnostic tests and then repeated attempts of conception through IVF cycles is quite an emotional journey of hope and disappointment for many couples.

Partners sometimes have trouble while agreeing on which fertility treatment to try: IVF, IUI, Donor treatment, etc. After having many different treatments, and repeated unsuccessful outcomes, partners, also go to a stage where they would want to give up.

In case you and your partner are worried about what you must do in such a situation, doctors advise to keep calm and hope for the best. Every treatment has its repercussions on couples.

Such mental issues can be avoided if the right consultation is given at the beginning itself. A dedicated and empathetic fertility specialist is essential in the couple’s journey of fulfilling their parenthood dream. At Oasis, we understand this and provide the best consultation and treatments to keep you away from such emotional stress. The treatments are well equipped with advanced labs and skilled professionals to assist in the procedures.


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