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Fertility In Women & Thyroid Dysfunction

Fertility In Women & Thyroid Dysfunction

There are several reasons for the failure of couples trying to conceive nowadays. One such possibility for their lack of success in conception is the thyroid problem which leads to infertility in both women and men. To conceive and be able to sustain a pregnancy, a couple must be aware of reduced thyroid function, and both males and females need to have a healthy thyroid.

It is a prerequisite that the possibility of thyroid dysfunction is nipped in the bud while examining causes of infertility in a couple as this abnormality is very recurrent than many people realize. Everybody should understand what thyroid can do and the type of issues that can ensue when it does not function properly.

Does bad Thyroid Health affect a woman’s chances to conceive?

Poor thyroid function can get in the way of the body’s reproductive hormones for a woman. There are a few important events that should happen for a woman to be able to conceive and one such occasion is that small window of time when the sperm must fertilize an egg every month. There are some instances of thyroid dysfunction given below which can upset reproduction in women like the following:

High Prolactin levels – Excessive prolactin is usually released by the pituitary gland to further lactation owing to high levels of TSH and low levels of T3 and T4. The ovulation cycle can be disrupted, or become irregular or absent altogether, thus causing fertility issues.

Anovulatory Cycles – These cycles are another way of looking at the lack of ovulation in a female when she cannot release any eggs to be fertilized. Inadequate thyroid hormone levels will disrupt the Luteinizing Hormone’s ability to stimulate the ovary in releasing the egg.

Luteal Phase Problems – All the fertilized eggs must be nurtured for 13-15 days. Owing to thyroid issues, the Luteal Phase could end up being too short as it depends on progesterone production during the second half of the menstrual cycle. When this happens, the fertilized eggs will not be able to implant securely and will vacate the body during the menstruation. Though many women often misrecognize it as the regular menstruation, it is in fact a very early miscarriage.

Other Hormonal Imbalances – As estrogen literally can dominate the thyroid hormones, it suppresses then resulting in their abnormal function.

Loss of libido – Since thyroid levels can affect both male and female’s sex drives, thereafter the lack of sexual desire will arguably leave no room to achieve conception. Other hormonal imbalances coupled with fatigue and mood shifts caused by the poor thyroid levels can severely affect one’s libido.

How does Hypothyroidism affect her Pregnancy?

During the pregnancy, hypothyroidism should be diagnosed as quickly as possible. As the fetus cannot make its thyroid hormone, it will depend on mother’s hormone production until it nears the 10th week of gestation. In some instances, severe hypothyroidism can cause many serious complications like low birth rate, fetal death, placental abruption, and even pre-eclampsia which is the condition of high BP during pregnancy.

Though in rare cases a woman can be able to achieve pregnancy with hypothyroidism, the potential risk factors that result from it are enough to make sure that it ceases to exist in both the couples.

Diagnosing Thyroid Dysfunction

If a woman finds trouble in conception even after 12 months, they should talk to a fertility specialist and if you are 32 years or older, then you must speak to the specialist after six months. It’s better to relieve your doubts immediately by consulting a doctor if you suspect of having a thyroid issue.

After your doctor evaluates the health of your thyroid, they can then give you proper advice on how to address your condition. For further advice or information about your thyroid health and how it affects your fertility, please contact your nearby Oasis clinic.



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