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Importance Of Exercise In Improving Fertility

Importance Of Exercise In Improving Fertility

Importance Of Exercise On Improving Fertility, Emotional Wellbeing And Quality Of Life

When you maintain a healthy weight range, it reduces the risk of infertility and improves the chance of conceiving spontaneously with assisted reproductive technology (ART). As we are aware that exercise is a key component of managing weight. Let us know about the benefits of exercise for fertility, emotional wellbeing and quality of life.

Various studies and guidelines recommend that at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity like brisk walking, dancing or gardening, on most and preferably all days of the week keeps your health in a better condition. In case it’s possible, some vigorous activity such as running, fast cycling or fast swimming should also be performed every week.

For overweight and obese men and women, exercise can extensively help them in maintaining weight or achieve a modest weight loss thereby improving their general health and fertility. As a part of weight management research, guidelines recommend that overweight or obese adult generally perform 225 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week. This comes to about 35 to 45 minutes per day.

How Exercise Is Related To Improving Fertility And ART Outcomes?

Regular moderate exercise tends to improve fertility and the chance of having a baby or conceiving with ART. Various research studies on the effects of exercise on fertility have found that vigorous exercise tends to reduce the risk of ovulation problems while moderate exercise decreases the risk of miscarriage and enhances the chance of having a baby among women who undergo ART.

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is basically a complex condition which is associated with infertility. Women who suffer from PCOS often have irregular or no periods because they rarely ovulate. In the case of overweight and obese women with PCOS, regular exercise tends to increase the frequency of ovulation which leads to more regular menstrual cycles. As a result, ovulation becomes more frequent and the chances of conceiving increases.

No doubt studies have shown that exercise boosts female fertility but it is important to note that a large amount of very high-intensity exercise may actually reduce fertility and the chances of having a baby with ART. So, it’s quite better to avoid very high-intensity exercise while trying to get pregnant.

When it comes to men, obesity is believed to reduce sperm quality and fertility. When men practise regular moderate exercise, it helps them to lose weight, stay in the healthy weight range thereby improving sperm quality. And the same thing applies to men also that a large amount of high-intensity exercise may be detrimental for sperm quality and must be avoided while trying to achieve pregnancy.

How Does Exercise Improve The Quality Of Life And Emotional Wellbeing?

Like it is already stated that light and a moderate level of exercise improves the quality of life and emotional wellbeing in healthy women and men. It is witnessed that among infertile women, exercise after being as a part of a lifestyle improvement program, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and improved self-esteem. Also, in women with PCOS, exercise improves health-related quality of life and reduced symptoms of depression and body image distress.

How To Find Time For Exercise?

Busy lives and schedules can actually make it hard to find time for exercise. When you incorporate exercise in your daily activities it increases the chance of achieving the recommended physical activity goals. Whenever feasible, walking or cycling rather than driving, ditching the lift and taking stairs, and getting off your bus or tram, a stop or two before your final destination. This kind of short walk will help you get the right exercise you need for good health and optimal fertility.

After taking all these steps and measure to achieve pregnancy if you are still unable to conceive you must visit a fertility centre like Oasis and get the best resolution. The expert fertility specialist over there can help you at each step towards attainting parenthood and bring back your lost happiness.

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