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Why is Infertility very common these days?

Why is Infertility very common these days?

Infertility has been on the major rise in the recent past years. There has been of course a huge amount of increase in the number of patients visiting fertility clinics nowadays. A lot of disease-oriented core factors exist behind the lack of fertility but their increase in recent years have a lot of reasons.

Here are a few to glance at:

Increase in the Stress levels

Stress is an important factor that is rising among the young generation. Extended working hours with unpredictable timings, competition when it comes to career, health issues, often to lead to an increase in the stress level.

This increase in the stress level also leads to the chances of declining sperm counts in males and the declining chances of conceiving in females.

Lifestyle Changes

Extreme changes in the lifestyle of the working-class people in today’s time are one of the most important reasons for people not being able to conceive. The increase in Smoking and Drinking among men and women often leads to low testosterone and estrogen levels, leading to low fertility.

Modern Lifestyle often leads to such work timings, leaving no time for self-care. People often avoid physical exercises and their bodies are not accustomed to physical workouts, thus reducing the secretion of hormones in them.

People today are also sleep deprived due to the increasing work pressure and lack of time in hand. This declines fertility in major ways, as an adequate amount of sleep is required for a human body.

Lack of Nutrition

Food elements play a vital role in the sperm count and hormonal balances. Not having a balanced diet and lack of nutrients may deprive you of certain food constituents leading to declining health and eventually leading to infertility.

A healthy lifestyle is essential for fertility. Many researches claim that a few non-chronic factors like endometriosis, rising obesity, unpredictable menstrual cycles and many more also often leads to infertility.

Aging and late plans

Today ’s generation is on a career check and the primary focus becomes career over family planning. So, with the passing age, it becomes difficult for a reproductive body to conceive. While men are able to generate sperms for a longer period, for women, it becomes a little difficult to conceive past the age of 35, hence, it has become an important concern why infertility is so prevalent among the new generation.

Body strength, fitness, resistance, and hormonal levels are at their top during the 20s and the subsequent years. This resistance and regime of the body get declined as people start aging.

Wrong or over usage of Preventive medicines

Women using too many contraceptive pills are often found prone to infertility. Having the pills for long period often disturbs the natural physiology of the womb of the mother. The womb and the placenta always need to be safeguarded and hence taking too many pills may disrupt fertility among women.

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    December 12, 2018 at 12:49 pm

    Every couples are facing infertility problems these days. We need to know the reason behind. This post guided a clear information about infertility. Very useful article.

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