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5 Amazing Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Conceiving

5 Amazing Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Conceiving

Getting pregnant is no less than a game of luck, but indeed you can have some control over your conception. There is a possibility that some lifestyle changes could be standing between you and your pregnancy. Let’s go through five simple tips that can help you in increasing your chances of conceiving:

Healthy Body Weight Maintenance

In case you need to lose weight, the right time is now. Being overweight or underweight can have severe consequences on your chances of getting pregnant, especially if you have irregular periods. The primary reason behind this is that the fat cells are related to estrogen production. In case your fat cells are too many or too few, it can primarily throw off all the hormones involved in ovulation.

When you are overweight, that will, in return, increase your risk of insulin resistance, which can again disrupt ovulation. Men who are suffering from obesity can likely have lower testosterone levels and unhealthy sperm quality.

Burst Your Stress

Generally, when you are trying to get pregnant, your anxiety level shoots up, as preparing for a huge life change is not easy. But keeping your stress levels and anxiety in check is more important while you are thinking to conceive. Various studies show that there is a possible link between stress and women’s menstrual cycle. In the case of men, stress is believed to affect sperm production and maturation and can impact libido. Managing stress, thereby, can increase your chances of conceiving.

Smoking Is harmful

Various studies indicate the harmful impact of smoking on pregnant women and women who are trying to conceive. Smoking brings with itself risks of miscarriage, risk of infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and various other complications during pregnancy. Using other smoke ups like marijuana, etc., is often linked to lower birth weight and other developmental issues. Therefore, quitting smoking can do all good before and after you conceive. Smoking causes a reduction in sperm quantity and quality. Passive smoking can be as dangerous as smoking in real life and can impact fertility severely.

Stay Away From Alcohol

Consuming alcohol before conceiving or after getting pregnant can have drastic consequences on babies and can thereby cause birth defects or learning disabilities. Too much of alcohol consumption in men can cause the level of estrogen in the body to rise and thus result in lower sperm count. So, it would be good that you shift to be a teetotaller to improve the chances of conceiving.

Intake More Vitamin And Mineral

When you are planning to conceive, it’s time you start taking multivitamins, in case you are not taking it already. Multivitamins and minerals can prevent heart and limb defects and help women who have low egg quality or have stopped ovulating due to iron deficiency. Irregular ovulation is caused due to vitamin B12 deficiency, which can be improved by taking supplements. Similarly, vitamin D deficiency can cause hormonal imbalances. Sperm quality and quantity can be improved through various minerals and vitamins intake. Therefore, taking sufficient vitamins and minerals during this phase can increase your chances of conceiving.

After taking all these necessary measures to conceive, if you still feel you cannot make it, you must consult a fertility clinic like Oasis. Fertility specialists can help you find the actual cause behind your failure to conceive and guide you through your way to attain pregnancy.

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