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10 Conditions That Contribute To Low Sperm Count

10 Conditions That Contribute To Low Sperm Count

The problem of infertility is engulfing the world. Thousands of couples are going through this situation of having no child. About 15 out of 100 couples are unable to conceive a child with unprotected sex. There are many causes of infertility in men and women. It is most often due to issues with his sperm production or with sperm delivery. Infertility is found among males and females equally, contrary to the belief that only women are responsible for infertility. Several male issues are responsible for infertility among couples. Some of the male infertility problems are: 

  • Sperm Disorders 
  • Varicoceles 
  • Retrograde Ejaculation 
  • Immunologic Infertility 
  • Obstruction 
  • Hormones 
  • Chromosomes 

Low sperm count is one of the common problems among males. Low sperm count is one of the sperm disorders. Low sperm count is a condition in which the semen ejaculated by a male during an orgasm is not in the normal quantity but lower than the accepted sperm count.

Oligospermia is another name of the low sperm count problem. Sometimes, there is no sperm at all, and this condition is known as azoospermia. The normal sperm count is considered when a male ejaculates around 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen.

The low sperm count condition decreases the odds of conception during unprotected sex or intercourse. It does not eliminate the possibility of pregnancy but lowers the chances of pregnancy and fertilization of the egg. 


The first sign of the low sperm count is the inability to get your partner pregnant while having unprotected sex. There can be other signs of low sperm count like: 

  • Dysfunctional Sexual Life 
  • Issues with Sexual Functionality 
  • Lower Sex Drive 
  • Swelling in the Groin Area 
  • Low hair growth or abnormality 
  • Abnormal sperm shape (not a symptom) 
  • Abnormal Motility (not a symptom)


Low sperm count can lead to some severe issues. The production of sperm is not a simple process, but it requires the normal functioning of the testes, glands, and hormones. Our brain is responsible for bodily functions, including reproduction and sperm production.

The ejaculation process is not just a penile function, but it requires a number of organs and glands working together. If any problem arises with any organ, then there can be dysfunctional sperm production or ejaculation.

There are many conditions when the problem with sperm count can occur and can lead to lifetime infertility or something serious. 


It is a condition in which there is a swelling of the veins. The swelling of veins hinders the process of draining the testicles. It is one of the most common causes of infertility among males. This condition can be related to abnormal testicular temperature. 


There are some conditions where any infection can hamper the passage of sperm. Infections can be inflammation of epididymitis. In some cases, there can be permanent testicle damage. 

Ejaculation Problems

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition that occurs when sperm start entering the bladder instead of ejaculating out of the tip of the penis. Retrograde ejaculation can lead to various health issues like diabetes, prostate, or many more. 


The cancerous growth of cells can lead to some serious reproductive issues. Nonmalignant tumors can be very dangerous for the reproductive health of a male as they can hamper the release of hormones that are responsible for sperm production. 

Hormone Imbalances

The hormonal imbalance among males and females is the main reason for infertility. Hormones play an essential part in the creation and ejaculation of sperm. 

Chromosome Defects

Chromosome disorders are connected with the X and Y chromosomes. X and Y chromosomes are responsible for the sex determination of the fetus. Chromosomal disorders can lead to abnormal reproductive organ development. 

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a disorder that is related to the digestive system, and it hampers fertility among males. It can be cured with the consumption of gluten-free food. 

Certain medications 

  • Testosterone replacement therapy 
  • Long-term anabolic steroid Usage 
  • Cancer medications 
  • Antifungal and antibiotic medications 

Undescended Testicles

Undescended testicles may be the reason for infertility. This condition can arise during fetal development. 

Defected Tubules

Tubules which are responsible for the transportation of sperm can become the reason for infertility due to blockage. Male infertility is common these days, and it can be avoided by following a certain set of lifestyle goals and lifestyle choices. 

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