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5 Natural Ways to Boost up your IVF Success Rate!

5 Natural Ways to Boost up your IVF Success Rate!

Every human being has had the desire to be a parent of a child, since time immemorial. The newer scientific advancements in the fields of medicine and technology have made the conception of a baby possible for many childless couples. The coming-of-age fertility treatments like IVF, IUI, and IVM gave a new lease of life and fresh hope to many wannabe parents who cannot conceive owing to several reasons.

Many fertility clinics and institutes all over the world and in India have revolutionized the traditional ways of addressing fertility issues and childbirths.

In the Oasis Institute of Reproductive medicine, beyond 70 percent of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments result in live births. The IVF treatment is a four-step process that involves ovulation induction, egg retrieval, insemination in a laboratory (also referred to as IUI treatment), and transfer of the embryo to the mother’s uterus. The ideal candidates who must undergo IVF treatment have to keep up with good health with typical weight range, have a healthy diet, reduce their alcohol consumption, cut-off using tobacco products and should work out frequently.

You can prepare yourself for IVF treatment by maintaining your body through the critical early stages of fetal development and by having the means to manage stress. Like you adjust the soil before planting seeds in a garden, you should also equip your body and uterus by making everything feasible to ensure that there is a sound environment for growth. Here are five ways to raise your IVF success rate naturally:

  1. Make a 90-day preparation plan: At least three months before starting IVF treatment, you should monitor every bit of what you eat and drink along with the stress levels since the cycle of the egg (ovum) is 90 days. Including vitamin C (to support one’s ovaries), vitamin B-complex (stress reduction) and antioxidants (to protect sperm and egg from free radical damage) must be part of your IVF preparation plan. Besides studies have also shown that consumption of CoQ10 would enhance your egg health and fertilization rate. Fertility superfoods like Maca may also help retain your hormonal balance. Do not forget to discuss your preparation strategy with your doctor before you start to take any antioxidants, supplements, herbs, or fertility superfoods.
  2. Fertility Cleansing: Many toxins are accumulated in the fat tissues of the body which must be purified before resuming IVF. Therefore, fertility cleansing is done 25-30 days before getting pregnant as it will support your liver in cleansing toxins and pollutants from the body. Increased circulation due to fertility cleansing will tonify the uterine muscles and help the uterus flush out old menstrual blood.
  3. Maintain a Healthy Fertility Diet and Exercise: Nutrition is the basis to achieve a healthy child. Natural fertility diet that supports a body in its effort to reproduce which involves eating more good carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans, as well as plant proteins like nuts, seeds, and full-fat dairy products. Needless to mention, Exercise is also an integral part to maintain your BMI under 30 by having a healthy lifestyle that improves your fertility.
  4. Plan for Pregnancy with a Prenatal Multivitamin: The first few weeks of pregnancy are vital for the development of the fetus. A daily intake of prenatal multivitamins ensures the body repletes all nutrients, necessary to be pregnant. Even before pregnancy detection, nutrients like folic acid and Omega 3 fatty acids assist in wholesome fetus development. The Harvard School of Public Health’s studies shows that women who had a daily multivitamin intake of 400 mg of folic acid were 40 percent less likely to encounter ovulatory infertility.
  5. Create a stress support system with a mind/body program: Mind/Body treatments exercise the power of thoughts and emotions in influencing one’s physical health. A study in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility found an impressive increase in IVF success rates for the participants in a Mind-Body program before and during their IVF procedure. Out of 151 women registered to go through an IVF cycle, women have 93 percent higher life chances than those with the highest positive-affect score.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 24, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful information. In my opinion, Keep a healthy life by consuming healthy food and doing exercise regularly will help you get more healthy and fertile.

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