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6 things to bear in mind during the 2-week wait after the Embryo Transfer

6 things to bear in mind during the 2-week wait after the Embryo Transfer

The IVF journey is a roller coaster ride filled with moments of fear, anxiety, excitement, disappointment, etc. Understanding the IVF procedure, getting ready physically and mentally to undergo the treatment, and going through mood swings and cycles of hope and disappointment is not a joke. But it’s worth waiting as it helps you embrace life’s greatest joy.

During the IVF process, there is a 2-week wait period that decides your fate of pregnancy. These 2 weeks can be really too long as you wait to know your pregnancy result. Many get disappointed due to false positive results and give up hope. Having a balanced mind is what is required to go through the entire IVF process and achieve life’s biggest dream. Here’s a quick read to know how to deal with this 2-week wait and the result thereafter.

1. Don’t put all your focus on the symptoms:

Yes, it’s difficult to wait. But it is necessary. Don’t keep worrying about cramping, soreness, and bloating as these symptoms may not necessarily mean pregnancy. These could be the result of fertility treatment as well. So, don’t come to any conclusion.

2. Don’t get stressed:

Calm down. Overthinking and stress can only have negative consequences. Just go with the flow. Practice meditation and simply relax. Having realistic expectations is a must.

3. Don’t forget to take medications:

It is highly important to take post-embryo transfer medications without fail. If you get any other illness during this period, consult your fertility specialist before taking any medicine.

4. Surround yourself with good company:

Spend a good time with your husband, family, and friends, and keep yourself busy. Positive thoughts can improve your overall well-being.

5. Don’t go for Urine Pregnancy Test before the 2-week wait:

It is normal for anybody to get worried and excited and check for pregnancy during the 2-week wait period. But you may get false positive or negative results. Just be patient

and get your pregnancy test done after the 2-week period preferably through a blood test.

6. Listen to soothing music:

Music can do wonders. Listening to soothing music can bring down your anxiety and improve your chances of conception.

Negative result? What next?

If you get a negative result after the 2-week wait, just don’t lose hope. Maybe you need to wait a little longer to achieve pregnancy. It takes a lot of hope, courage, faith, and determination to achieve your parenthood dream.

Stay Hopeful! Happy Parenthood!

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