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Busting 4 Myths of Infertility

Busting 4 Myths of Infertility

Myth #1: All thyroid patients are infertile

Fact: Although undetected and untreated thyroid could be cause of infertility, all people suffering from hypothyroidism do have infertility. In fact, a patient who maintains good health habits including nutritious food, regular exercise along with thyroid medications could conceive perfectly naturally.

Myth #2: Infertility & impotency are one and the same

Fact: A person who is impotent, cannot enjoy normal sexual intercourse. However, someone diagnosed with infertility can enjoy regular and normal intercourse. So, An impotent person is definitely infertile. However, an infertile person need not necessarily be impotent.

Myth #3: The first step in an infertility treatment is a test tube baby

Fact: The test tube baby need not feature in an infertility treatment AT ALL. The first step in any infertility treatment is counseling. Both partners need to meet the doctor with a series of initial test reports. Based on these, the doctor counsels and advises the right course of action including the potential treatment options.

There is no THE treatment for infertility. There is always an alternative. 

Myth #4: With an IVF treatment, there is a chance that the embryo might fall out of the uterus

Fact: This myth will get busted once you understand how a uterus is built. The uterus is a muscular organ where both walls press against each other with opposing pressure. There is a thin capillary pressure that contains it. It is not hollow or open. The uterine cavity (where the embryo is implanted) is not really an open pit or hole. It is a cavity that is present inside these pressed walls. When the embryo grows, this space also expands. The cervix is always closed.

Hence, the embryo is safely protected by the walls and there is no chance that it will fall off. 

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