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How the Food Habits influence Fertility

How the Food Habits influence Fertility

Fertility is influenced by the quantity and quality of eggs and sperms. Ageing process affects both the quality and quantity and hence the chances of conceiving will reduce with ageing process. In old days, ageing process was the only thing to be worried, but the modern lifestyle and changed food habits make things more complicated.

• Highly nutritious food is needed to keep the body healthy and at the same time it is needed to have high fertility chances. Poor diet will certainly reduce the quality and to some extent the quantity of sperms and eggs even in the younger people.
• Good blood supply should be maintained to ovary and testicles to bring more nutrients, oxygen and hormones to optimize their functions. Hence the diet should be the one which supports this need.
• Testosterone production inside the testicles should be promoted to have good semen quantity, sperm numbers, sperm motility and sperm morphology. Certain health supplements can help in this regard. However, it is necessary to take the advice of a medical practitioner is necessary before selecting the supplement.
• Antioxidant capacity of semen and of the cells and fluid surrounding the egg will decrease as the age increases. Besides, potent oxidants will get accumulated by eating food articles cooked at high temperature such as grilling barbecuing etc. This can happen due to the high consumption of sugar too. It is always better to avoid such food articles or at least the consumption of such foods will be minimized.
• Sperms need antioxidants in high levels in the surrounding seminal fluid. Hence one should include such food articles in the diet. An expert dietician can help in this regard.
• However common potent antioxidants such as berries, green tea etc can be included in the diet. Although chocolates and red wine are potent antioxidants they are not advisable to women due to presence of excess caffeine and alcohol respectively.
• High level of Vitamin C and Vitamin E can reduce the chances of DNA fragmentation in sperms. Hence it will be helpful if the food articles containing these vitamins are included in the daily diet. However it is better to avoid consuming Vitamin E if aspirin is being consumed daily as it will increase the effects of aspirin on blood clotting.
• Both sperm and eggs require high level of energy to function and hence good fat should be included in the diet properly to produce more energy.
• However, consuming fat in excess quantity is not advisable as it may end up in obesity which is a major reason of increase in the number of infertility.

To follow a strict and healthy diet is necessary to lead a healthy life. Similarly, a healthy diet is needed to maintain the fertility chances too. Whenever planning for a diet, the best thing to do is to consult some expert dieticians for advice. They can suggest you a well balanced diet. Once the diet has planned, one should follow it strictly.

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