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World Wide Achiever’s Award for Oasis India

World Wide Achiever’s Award for Oasis India

Oasis India, better known as Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicines won the World Wide Achiever’s Award
in IVF service provider segment this year. This prestigious award is being given to individuals and organizations proved their excellence in their fields of action.

World Wide Achiever, an international body for rating, analysis and research has very strict and rigid norms and conditions in selecting the winners in each field. All the areas of functioning such as planning, execution, and public interaction will be taken care while considering for the awards. The team of judges will conduct in depth analysis of the collected data. It will be a qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Oasis India, a unit of Sadguru Healthcare Services (Pvt) Ltd is already enjoying a reputation of fertility clinic with a higher success rate. Being the most preferred centre in India, Oasis could help many couples in realizing their dream of parenthood in the past. Having started a few years back with their main clinic at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad, Oasis has expanded its activities with one more branch in Gachibowli. According to the management, this award is really a boost to them especially when they are planning to coming up with more clinics at different parts of the country.

“This is a result of collective and dedicated service of our entire team.” Dr. Durga G. Rao, Co-founder and medical director of Oasis India told after receiving the information about the award. According to her, this award has enhanced their responsibilities as they have to maintain the reputation with more care. However, she expressed great confidence in going ahead with quality and result oriented services to their clients as Oasis has a pool of experienced and well qualified doctors and other supporting staff.
Oasis India, one of the most prominent fertility clinics in India has served many clients from different parts of the country and abroad.

“We never had a second thought when the question comes about investing on technology. We believe that each development in technology can be used to serve our clients better and to produce good results. We are updating our technology every now and then and always sail along with the developments in technology. That is the secrete of our success.” Dr. Durga. G. Rao continued.

Major factor that keeps Oasis a cut above the rest is that all types of fertility treatments ranging from the traditional IVI to the most advanced PGD/PGS are available under a single roof. Many childless couples feel it as an advantage as they do not have to run from the pillar to the post in realizing their dream. Secondly, high success rate recorded and quite a good number of satisfied clients underline the effectiveness of result oriented treatment plans they follow. According to Dr. Durga Rao, Oasis takes up every case as a service to the society.
“We are into a serene act of realizing long cherished wishes of people. We understand that only happy and satisfied people can make a healthy society and thus we consider our work as a service to the society. Hence we certainly follow some ethics in all our practices.”

At present, Oasis India is planning to open up several other clinics across the nation to make their service available to more people. At the same time, efforts are going on to reduce the cost of the treatment by using advanced technology. Although the treatments are affordable even for a middle class family, Oasis India believes that more people will get benefitted if the charges are reduced further.

Shashi Tharoor, political leader and statesman, Chethan Bhagath, writer and Kithi Azad, Cricketer are a few notable personalities who received this prestigious award in the previous years.

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