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If you do these 10 things you will not conceive!!!

If you do these 10 things you will not conceive!!!

If you do these 10 things you will not conceive!!!

Check out some of your daily activities or routine that can kill your fertility.

# If you are a Pizza lover and eat it often, it can hinder your chances of pregnancy by causing hormonal imbalance. Foods rich in trans fat can alter the menstrual cycle leading to infertility.

# If you don’t exercise regularly and have a sedentary lifestyle, you are likely to face infertility issues.

# Are you an evening person? Not having proper sleep at night can lead to hormonal issues resulting in infertility.

# Are you a coffee lover? Taking more than 100mg/ day can lead to infertility, miscarriage, etc.

# Do you maintain a healthy weight? Being underweight or overweight can cause infertility in women and it can reduce semen quantity.

# Do you smoke? Smoking can affect sperm DNA and also lead to reduced ovarian reserve in women.

# Are you stressed out? Stress can affect sperm parameters and also increase the time to conception in the case of women.

# Are you 30+? If you are planning to conceive, better start it earlier. Fertility reduces as age increases. Women’s egg count is fixed and reduces with age.

# Do you have irregular periods? This could possibly be due to PCOS or endometriosis or any other condition that can lead to infertility.

# Do you experience hangovers? Women who experience hangovers are found to be more infertile than those who don’t.

The percentage of couples facing infertility issues is on the rise in India. India is the most populous nation in the world, and it is ironic that there are nearly 28 million couples who need fertility assistance in India to achieve parenthood. But not many are even aware that they have infertility and just keep on waiting that they will conceive someday. The most important point most couples are not aware of is that fertility reduces with age. It becomes difficult for women to conceive as egg reserve decreases after the 30s and also men’s sperm count reduces with age.

In a normal conception, the egg is released by the ovary which is fertilized by the sperm in the fallopian tube (a part of a woman’s reproductive system) leading to the formation of a zygote which later develops into an embryo. This embryo develops into the baby by attaching itself to the uterus. This is a very complex process and depends on many factors like the quality of the egg, sperm, uterus lining, etc. For some, parenthood becomes difficult due to some issues.

Infertility could be due to various reasons in men and women such as:

1. Endometriosis


3. Uterine fibroids

4. Tubal blockage

5. Low sperm count

6. Uterine abnormalities

7. Advanced age

8. Hormonal issues

9. Erectile dysfunction

10. Varicocele

11. Diabetes

12. Genetic disorder

13. Obesity

14. Smoking & Alcohol consumption

Unless you consult a fertility specialist, you will not know what is that causing infertility. If you have difficulty getting pregnant even after a year of trying, it is very essential to consult a fertility specialist. Both husband and wife need to go for fertility evaluation as infertility can be due to either the male or female partner. Only a proper diagnosis and personalized treatment can help overcome infertility. Postponing fertility evaluation can affect the chances of pregnancy and can also have a negative impact on the outcome of fertility treatments as well. The earlier the intervention, the better the results.

When it comes to infertility, there are many myths and misconceptions. But it is important for you to consult a specialist to have clarity.

Infertility need not kill your parenthood dream. Advanced fertility treatments can help you achieve parenthood. The right diagnosis at the right time is crucial. The advanced technologies help fertility-challenged couples to have their own biological child without going in for donor sperm or donor egg.

If you wish to postpone parenthood, you can opt for social freezing which can allow you to preserve fertility and conceive later at your convenience.

For a normal and healthy conception, one has to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, have a proper sleep pattern, maintain a healthy weight, and avoid smoking and drinking.

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