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My Struggle With Infertility

My Struggle With Infertility

While I am writing these sentences, it still feels like a dream or better to state it actually felt like a nightmare. In the event that you or somebody near to you has fought infertility, I wish I could reach out and hug them through my write-ups. It’s something I would not wish on my worst enemy even.

The procedure resembles a major rollercoaster packed with good and bad times. Sometimes you might feel down and, in the event, when you are down, IVF punches you in the face. It simply feels like a war on body and mind. No doubt, that I suffered mentally and physically with infertility, I kept holding all these grief within me.

How Did I Get To Fertility Treatments?

After my wedding, I and my husband were ready to start our family. Soon, we visited our general physician and got the complete run down. I got off from my birth control pills, was done with genetic blood testing, prenatal vitamins and it was time to get pregnant. Sounded basic right?

After halting my birth control pills and letting my body normalize, month by month simply goes on without any good news. I know everyone starts pacifying you, “be patient, it will happen” but as time started passing, I started worrying more. Then our actual struggle of conceiving started, we made numerous trips to different gynaecologists, tried different fertility medications but nothing seemed to work for me. At that point, one of the doctors decided, it was the time for us to go and see a fertility specialist.

Moving Onto A Fertility Specialist

I found this fertility specialist centre called OASIS through the recommendation of one of my friends in the area. When it comes to the significance of finding the right doctor for you, you would definitely like this place, in fact like it a lot.

Potentially, you have to spend a lot of time here so it’s quite essential for you to like the people working there and especially trust your fertility specialist. I never thought that I would have such an intimate relationship with Oasis as I never had an idea that I would have to consider IVF (In Vito Fertilization). The specialists came up with a plan to move forward with.

Start Of My IVF Journey

Before I myself went on this road, I used to consider the term IVF thrown around so easily and casually. I know that many women go through this process but it’s not casual. The fact that it has become so common nowadays it is taking away another fact that it is an incredibly difficult, emotional and physical process. It can end up with the most amazing rewards or the deepest pain.

It really took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that I was indeed in this position. OASIS gave me enough strength to pull out throughout the procedure. No doubt, I was excited but I was completely terrified also. I was definitely in a good position for treatment which included stimulating the follicle growth with injections that turn your ovaries into an egg factory, as termed by me.

The main goal of the doctors here is to create as many mature follicles for egg retrieval surgery as possible. Then they give me a trigger injection to trigger ovulation after which the follicles will be harvested through surgery and fertilized with the sperm. Once this is done, next, I had to wait and watch if they developed into embryos. Doctors over there have made all these procedures so simple for us.

I and my husband waited for this day since long, I was not able to believe finally I was pregnant. The moment I got to know this my joy knew no boundaries. There are few things in our life that give us this level of happiness. While it was hard to put all my experience like this but I wanted to put it forward so that it can give hope to others struggling with infertility as well.

Do know that you are not alone, there are many who all are going through similar circumstances. The only thing you need to do is never give up the hope and find the right path.

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