Myths about IVF treatment

Myths about IVF treatment

The parenthood journey is a very emotional one for all couples. The route to attaining parenthood differs for each and every couple. When couples are unable to conceive naturally, fertility treatments can help them. IVF (Invitro fertilization) is one such advanced fertility treatment that can assist couples in becoming parents. But many do not understand the process of IVF treatment and have fears and misconceptions. Before undergoing IVF, the couples should be aware of the IVF procedure and also the factors that would affect IVF treatment. Let us take a look at the common myths regarding IVF treatment.
1. Myth:
IVF success has no bearing on a women’s age.
The success of IVF is not the same in all ages. Fertility decreases as the women’s age increases and so IVF success rates also reduce.
2. Myth:
IVF always results in triplets or quadruplets.
Previously, 2 or 3 embryos were used for implantation which resulted in twins, triplets or quadruplets. Nowadays, due to advanced technologies like PGT, ERA, and other techniques, only one healthy embryo is implanted thereby preventing multiple pregnancies.
All couples with fertility issues need IVF treatment.
Based on the condition and severity, there is a wide array of fertility treatments like Ovulation Induction with Timed Intercourse, IUI, and other treatments to help couples in conception. So not all couples need to undergo IVF.
Male smoking does not have any effect on the success rate of IVF.
Male smoking leads to a reduction in IVF success rates and can also lead to miscarriages.
IVF is 100% successful.
Many factors are involved in the success of IVF treatment. 50-70% is the success rate in the case of IVF.
Children born out of IVF have abnormalities.
Many are afraid of IVF due to this misconception. IVF babies are as normal as children born through natural conception.
One has to get hospitalized to undergo an IVF procedure.
IVF treatment is a daycare procedure. Once the procedure is over, one can leave for home. There is no need for hospitalization.

The couples should not delay parenthood beyond a certain age. If career aspirations and other commitments make you put a pause on pregnancy, then it is better to take the option of freezing eggs, sperms, or embryos that can be used later to conceive as per your convenience. With lifestyle changes and incidence of PCOS, endometriosis, low sperm count on the rise, it is wise to seek fertility treatment at the right time without any postponement.

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