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Ovulation Induction can help in achieving one’s parenthood dream

Ovulation Induction can help in achieving one’s parenthood dream

The journey to parenthood differs from couple to couple. For some, it is an effortless process while for some, it could be a long emotional journey. There are many ways including lifestyle modifications, medications, minor interventions, surgery, and advanced fertility treatment options that can help couples achieve their fertility goals. The choice of the treatment plan is customized depending upon the couple’s age, duration of infertility, factors leading to infertility either in the male or female partner, BMI, associated comorbidities and other factors as one size fits all principle cannot be applied here.  

If a couple is unable to concieve even after regular unprotected intercourse for a year, they should consult a fertility specialist with some exceptions where they are encouraged to meet the fertility expert earlier. Many have the misconception that IVF is the only fertility treatment for all couples facing infertility issues. But many basic fertility treatments like ovulation induction with timed intercourse, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), diet changes, and other lifestyle modifications can help in achieving one’s parenthood dream.  

Why Ovulation Induction with Timed Intercourse? 

OI with TI enables the couples to have a natural conception. Anovulation has become one of the common causes of infertility these days. The process of release of a mature egg from the ovary is known as ovulation. The released egg travels through the fallopian tube where fertilization of sperm and egg happens. The fertilized egg later gets implanted in the uterus. Some women may have problems in ovulation due to PCOS, irregular periods, thyroid and prolactin hormone imbalances, an unhealthy diet like processed foods, abnormal lifestyle like lack of exercise, wrong sleep time, etc. If ovulation doesn’t occur properly, women will have infertility issues. To improve the chances of conception, ovulation induction is used.  

How is Ovulation Induction done? 

After some tests and scans to ascertain anovulation, medications are given to stimulate the ovaries. The type of medications and dosage will be decided based on the individual’s health, BMI, hormone parameters, ultrasound findings, and a personalized treatment plan will be offered by the fertility specialist. Different kinds of oral medicines and injections called Gonadotropins are used to stimulate the ovaries. Through ultrasound scans at regular intervals, the size and number of follicles along with endometrial thickness is monitored. Once a particular size of the follicle is noted along with endometrium of good thickness and vascularity, hCG injection is given to aid in maturation as well as the loosening of the egg from follicular cells which will help in the release of a good quality mature oocyte from the follicle. A pelvic ultrasound scan helps in determining the right time to have sexual intercourse. This maximizes the chance of conception. In some couples, intrauterine insemination can also be done wherein processed sperms are directly placed into the uterus. This procedure is usually done in case of unexplained infertility, women with endometriosis, women with irregular cycles and associated male factor, etc.  Couples can go in for OI-TI or intrauterine insemination based on their diagnosis. 

The couples who face infertility issues have to consult a fertility specialist without any delay as age is a very important factor for a successful outcome. A wide array of treatments are available that can help couples overcome infertility and enjoy parenthood. Not all couples need IVF treatment!

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