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Social Freezing

Social Freezing – The freedom to conceive at your convenience
Couples postpone childbearing due to various reasons. Not only men but many women wish to have biological kids at their own pace. With women’s empowerment and liberty, more women are now delaying marriage and childbearing as they wish to pursue higher studies, get a good job, and climb the career ladder. Having a child becomes a very big dilemma for most women in their mid-20s and 30s. Being ambitious is not a sin after all. But will their biological clock permit such delay in conceiving? And the answer is a big No. The number and also egg quality in women decreases with age. And also the chances of chromosomal abnormality in the eggs increases as the women age. But what if the couple wants to have a child in the future? What can help in achieving professional dreams and also parenthood dream as and when you wish? Social Freezing is the solution. You can delay your parenthood journey through social freezing. Without losing your fertility potential, you can become parents after few years when you are really ready.

What is Social Freezing?
Social freezing allows men and women to get their sperms and eggs frozen for later use. This gives an option for both men and women to choose the time of starting a family.
Parenthood is not about happiness, and joy alone, it is also a big responsibility. It is but natural for anyone in this generation to get physically, mentally, and financially prepared before becoming proud parents. You store your eggs or sperms in banks and simply use them in the future at your convenience! That’s social freezing.

Who can go in for Social Freezing?
Couples who delay marriage and childbearing can choose social freezing to have children in the future.

Steps in Egg Freezing:

Step 1: Ovarian Stimulation:
After proper examination of the women’s ovarian health, hormone stimulation is done to increase the number of eggs in women.
Step 2: Egg Retrieval:
After few days, the eggs are retrieved from the women’s ovaries.
Step 3: Freezing/Vitrification:
The eggs that are retrieved are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees Celcius). Protective agents are added that prevent ice crystal formation. In this way, the eggs can be stored for several years till the time the couple decides to have a biological child.
Steps in Sperm Freezing:

    • Step 1: A blood test is done to detect infectious diseases in males.
    • Step 2: Sperms are collected through masturbation at home or in a fertility clinic.
    • Step 3: Semen analysis is done to separate sperms based on quality and morphology.
    • Step 4: Sperms are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celcius for future use.

Advantages of Social Freezing:

  • Gives the chance to conceive at your preference in the future
  • You can use your own eggs for conception instead of donor eggs/sperm
  • Fulfills the desire of having a biological child

Nobody can pause the biological clock! But there are ways to fulfill your parenthood dream at your chosen time through social freezing. It is always a good decision to freeze your eggs when you are in your mid-20s or 30s to ensure you have a good reserve of eggs for the future.

You can consult our fertility specialists at Oasis Fertility if you want to go in for egg/sperm freezing!

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