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Successful treatment of Bilateral Hematosalphinx with Bilateral Salpingectomy

Successful treatment of Bilateral Hematosalphinx with Bilateral Salpingectomy 

Bhoomika, a 33 yr old woman, and her husband Ramkumar had been trying to conceive for 5 years but had not been able to achieve parenthood. Before they visited Oasis Fertility, Bhoomika had faced 3 IVF failures. The couple was evaluated after which Bhoomika was found to have Bilateral Hematosalphinx. 

What is Hematosalphinx?

When blood accumulates in both the fallopian tubes, it is termed as Hematosalphinx. The fallopian tube is the place where the fertilization of egg and sperm happens. It can happen due to several reasons. Ectopic pregnancy ( tubal pregnancy) is a very common reason. Other reasons can be tubal disease, endometriosis, or cryptomenorrhea (obstruction of menstrual blood flow). 

How is Hematosalphinx diagnosed and treated?

Hematosalphinx may result in uterine bleeding. Ultrasound/MRI is used to diagnose hematosalphinx. To treat this condition, both the fallopian tubes are removed. This procedure is carried out in women with endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, blocked fallopian tubes, and also to reduce the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. After bilateral salpingectomy, conception is possible through IVF only. 

Bhoomika’s husband was found to have no sperm in semen (Azoospermia). Due to blockage or structural abnormality in testicles, sperms are absent in semen.  Micro-TESE is a highly advanced procedure that is used to retrieve sperms from testicles. The same was planned and sperms so collected were used for ICSI. 

During an ultrasound scan, bilateral hematosalphinx was observed and hence the doctors decided to remove both the fallopian tubes through bilateral salpingectomy (removal of fallopian tubes). Subsequently, an ICSI was planned through frozen embryo transfer (FET). 

After 3 failed IVF, Bhoomika conceived through ICSI using the frozen embryo transfer method. The ICSI treatment was successful and now Bhoomika is 12+ weeks pregnant. The couple’s parenthood dream became possible through skilled clinicians and their expertise. Both the husband and wife’s commitment, cooperation has made them become happy parents. 

The couple expressed their sincere gratitude towards Dr Nilesh Balkawade, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Pune & Oasis Fertility for this much awaited success. Dr Nilesh offers a decade-long distinctive experience and expertise in the fields of Infertility, Reproductive Medicine, and Gynaec endoscopy. He is renowned for handling infertile cases with a good success rate and spreading the joy of parenthood to many couples with his expertise & compassionate care.

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