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Types of Assisted Reproductive Treatment

Types of Assisted Reproductive Treatment

Assisted Reproductive Technology or Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) is a treatment procedure that is designed to assist in the reproductive procedure at various steps. ART includes a wide range of services depending upon the kind of problem being faced by the patients. There is a common misconception that ART procedures are designed only to deal with infertility. In fact, ART can include a variety of procedures to deal with any kind of issues that may arise during the reproductive procedure.

Oasis center for reproductive medicine is a member of The American Society for Reproductive Medicine and The Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India and aims at providing the necessary assisted reproductive treatment required by each patient. The problems of the customers are analyzed by the expert team and then a suitable mode of treatment is suggested for the patient. The couples who seek help from Oasis are given complete assistance coupled with confidentiality throughout the procedure. The primary objective of Oasis is to provide accessible and informative healthcare to those couples who hope to be parents with the help of advanced technology and evidence-based treatments. The highly qualified team continues to research on newly developing treatments in the field of assisted reproductive technology so that the patients are offered modern treatments that are both cost and time effective.

Following are some of the types of assisted reproduction procedures offered at Oasis:

  • Induction of Ovulation with Timed Intercourse:

This is a basic technique and is the first step in the management of infertility. The exact time of ovulation of the female is determined with the help of pelvic ultrasounds and blood tests. Accordingly, ovulation cycles are initiated and couples are advised to have intercourse at the most suitable time.

  • Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI):

After the female undergoes basic hormonal tests and the male partner undergoes semen analysis, a couple of basic tests are conducted for both the partners like HIV, Hepatitis B or C and the like. The sperm samples are collected from the male partner and thereafter the female’s ovulation period is assessed with the help of scans and tests and a date is fixed for the IUI procedure.

  • In-vitro fertilization:

It is a laboratory procedure where the egg is fertilized by the sperm in laboratory and is then implanted in the female partner’s uterus. The necessary consultation and tests required for the smooth functioning of this procedure are conducted efficiently. This is what makes Oasis one of the best clinics for IVF procedure.

  • Donor Treatments:

There are three main donation programs undertaken by Oasis, namely embryo donation program, sperm donation program and egg donation program in which the embryo or the sperm or the egg of a donor is used for fertilization instead of that of the respective partners. The clinic assures genuine donors for this process and makes it a point to check the wellness of the donor before any such procedure is initiated.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery:

Different minimally invasive surgical procedures, like hysteroscopy and laparoscopy are also conducted in this clinic as per the requirements of the patients. While hysteroscopy is a procedure used to visualize the cervical canal and the inside of the uterus, laparoscopy is used to check tubal patency.

  • Fertility Preservation:

It is the latest advancement in artificial reproductive technologies where the patients’ fertility or ability to procreate can be preserved. In today’s busy life, many couples do not find the time or opportunity to give birth and raise children. This procedure is a boon for couples who dream of parenthood but at a later stage in their lives.

Apart from the aforesaid services, Oasis provides a plethora of other services like freezing or vitrification, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis etc. The variety of services provided by a group of highly experienced and trained professionals and the all-inclusive nature of the services makes Oasis one of the best clinics for IVF treatment in Hyderabad. Every patient is guaranteed personalized treatment as per their requirements with a 100 percent confidentiality. Now, parenthood need not be difficult for any couple.

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