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What is Hysteroscopy and how can does it treat infertility?

What is Hysteroscopy and how can does it treat infertility?

Infertility is a major concern in today’s society. The infertile couples are not able to enjoy the happiness of parenthood due to many reasons. The reasons can range from a blocked fallopian tube in women, to low motility in men. Whatever may be the reason, they are all collectively called fertility issues or infertility.

However, being infertile is not the end of the world. With correct diagnosis and treatment, a couple can reproduce or get pregnant eventually. Moreover, in modern medicine, there are methods to find the underlying causes of infertility and cure the same. One such procedure is hysteroscopy.

What is Hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is a medical procedure that involves using an instrument called the hysteroscope to examine a woman’s cervix and uterus. It helps to identify the cause of problems in this area, as well as, treat them.

The instrument, the hysteroscope, is narrow with a camera and integrated light at the end. The setup allows a gynaecologist to examine the cervix and uterine cavity visually, by inserting it through a woman’s vagina. Furthermore, the camera attached also take images that the doctor can, later, study closely to determine if further treatment is required. The procedure, also, involves removing the probable causes of infertility, like the fibroids in the uterus, etc.

When should you undergo Hysteroscopy?

  • When you experience uterine bleeding
  • When your pap smear test results were abnormal
  • When you have had multiple miscarriages
  • When you are having problems conceiving
  • When you have abnormal bleeding during periods
  • When you are bleeding after menopause
  • When you are going to sterilize to prevent pregnancy
  • When your IUD (Intrauterine device) has come out of place

How can it help infertility?

A woman’s uterus and the rest of the reproductive organs need to be examined to know the reason behind difficulties in conceiving. Hysteroscopy helps in identifying underlying causes of failed pregnancies or infertility. As mentioned above, the camera along with the light takes images insides of the uterus and cervix.

From which, a gynaecologist can determine the problems causing infertility. If the pictures show that a corrective procedure is required, then the doctor inserts the hysteroscope inside the vagina, once again. Only, this time he or she will also insert the necessary tools through the instrument.

The additional tools help remove the probable triggers of infertility like fibroid growth in the uterus or septum, which leads to an increased chance of being fertile and getting pregnant.

Infertility is a problem that is far from rare and is common in many women today. Hysteroscopy can de-mystify the underlying causes behind failed pregnancies and infertility. As such, women and couples planning to start a family, but unable to should consult a gynaecologist for the procedure.


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