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Successful Management of Intrauterine Adhesions with Operative Hysteroscopy and PRP Treatment

Parenthood is a very special journey and its not the same for all. For some, though the road to parenthood can be a little rough in the beginning, it can become sweeter at the end if one visits a reputed fertility specialist at the right time. Mr Sanjay (35) and Mrs Preetha Sanjay (32) married for 5 years, had visited several hospitals for infertility issues but were unsuccessful and lost hope. Fortunately, they met Dr Nilesh Unmesh Balkawade, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Pune and began undergoing treatment. After initial investigations ranging from physical examination, blood tests, scans, etc. for both Sanjay and Preetha, Dr Nilesh found out that Preetha had Intrauterine Adhesions (IUA).  

What are Intrauterine Adhesions? 

Intrauterine Adhesion is also called Asherman Syndrome. The lining of the uterus is called the endometrium and when there is any injury or infection to this lining, adhesions (scar tissues) occur in the uterus which can lead to infertility issues.  

Causes of Intrauterine Adhesions: 

  • Previous surgery in the uterus
  • History of pelvic infections
  • D&C (Dilation and curettage) 
  • Endometritis (infection of the endometrium)
  • Cesarean section 

Dr Nilesh Unmesh Balkawade devised a treatment protocol to remove Intrauterine Adhesions through operative hysteroscopy. It is a minimally invasive procedure through which abnormal conditions in the uterus are corrected. Even after removing the scar, it is vital to improve the endometrial lining as it is a very important aspect for a successful pregnancy. PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections are given to rejuvenate endometrium. 

Preetha had pelvic infections and 3 unsuccessful IVF attempts. To improve the chance of successful pregnancy, hysteroscopic injection of PRP was performed during the estrogen-primed FET cycle. In the initial cycle, endometrial thickness improved to 6.2 mm from 5.6 mm. The PRP injection was given again following which the thickness increased to 6.8 mm. After this embryo transfer was done resulting in a positive pregnancy. 

Determined efforts and clinical expertise of the doctors and cooperation from the couple led to a positive outcome. 

The couple expressed their sincere thanks towards Dr Nilesh Unmesh Balkawade, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Pune as their life’s biggest dream came true. 

Dr Nilesh Unmesh Balkawade, is a renowned IVF Specialist in Maharashtra and he is an expert in the fields of Infertility, Reproductive Medicine, and Gynaec endoscopy. Dr Nilesh is well known for handling infertile cases with a good success rate and spreading the joy of parenthood to many couples with his expertise & compassionate care.

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