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Alarming increase in Infertility rates among IT Professionals

Alarming increase in Infertility rates among IT Professionals

A medical survey conducted in various cities in India revealed a shocking truth that rate of infertility is increasing in urban India. This is more among the IT professionals. According to the survey about 15 out of 100 couples from this sector faces infertility and 40% of such cases are related to male infertility.

According to the expert, the main culprit is the competitive working atmosphere. IT sector faces a tough competition that makes people to work for extra hours and even in odd hours. This really is taking toll on the family relations. Absence of proper and regular sexual relations, stress and tensions in the work place etc are the major causes of infertility in this sector. Secondly, the amphibian lifestyle followed by the IT professionals also plays an important role. Irregular food habits, more consumption of junk foods etc are classified under this lifestyle.

According to medical practitioners who are specialized in this area, lap top is another culprit, especially in the case of male infertility. Those who are working at houses, keep their lap tops on their laps for long durations. The heat produced for long duration results in radiation which affects the sperm production adversely. Excess of smoking, addiction to alcoholism etc are also reasons for this rise in the infertility rate. According to many doctors, working continuously in night and sleeping during the day time affects the hormones too.

At the same time, the main causes of infertility among women IT professionals are excess stress and hectic lifestyle. Major problem faced by women working in this sector is poly cystic ovary disease which is the result of excess hormone production. Delayed marriages and delayed child births for the sake of career development are also taking their tool. Nowadays, urban women turned career oriented and they started giving more importance to the career than family. They have to forsake the family life and pleasure for the sake of their career.

In total, the hectic lifestyle and highly stressed working atmosphere affects the family life of urban youth. This is really an alarming situation which demands immediate attention. According to many social scientists, the time has reached to create awareness among the people about the danger staring them. Whatever work they do or whatever wealth they amass are for the family and if there is nobody to continue their legacy, what is the use of all these hard works and struggles? This is the time to make people to think positively.

However, there is still a ray of hope as the modern medical science has come out with many solutions to solve these issues. There are many treatments including IVF is available in most of the cities in India. When the infertility rate is increasing, the success rate of fertility treatments is also in the increase. This fact provides a relief, at least to some extent. According to the experts in this area, the couples should not wait for more than three years since marriage to conceive and if it is find to be not possible, they should contact the doctor immediately. Timely treatments can increase the chances of success..


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    June 5, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    Thank you for your valuable information. This post is very helpful. Every woman needs to know this information.

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