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Yoga and Meditation to Enhance IVF Success Rate

Yoga and Meditation to Enhance IVF Success Rate

As discussed by many persons at many places, though the success rate of IVF treatments is increasing, it is still at a low position when compared to the success rate of treatments for many other diseases. Besides, one may have to undergo many courses to achieve the result. In order to reduce the number of courses and to increase the success rate, experts in this field are incorporating several naturopathy treatments also along with IVF treatment. One such natural technique to enhance the fertility is yoga. Here we are discussing about certain yoga positions which help to increase the success rate in IVF treatments.


It is a very simple and proven method to enhance one’s concentration level. This will keep you away from stresses and tensions, the condition which is necessary to conclude fertility treatment successfully. Ten minutes meditation every day will be highly beneficial for those who are undergoing IVF treatment.

Standing on Supported Head

When you keep your body inverted, pressure will be taken off the heart and there will be a boost in hormones. Besides, you need to have a good concentration level to practice this yoga position which will keep your mind relieved of all tensions. Tensions and stresses always affect adversely on fertility and may fail the treatment. Initially you can do it for about 10 seconds and can increase the time gradually. However, this should be practiced under supervision of a yoga expert only.

Standing on Supported Shoulder

In this position, you need to balance your body on your shoulders. Here, in this yoga position, head will be tucked and the sternum will get pressed on the thyroid area. Thus it helps to stimulate thyroid gland. You should not move your head while doing this yoga position. You can start doing this position for ten seconds initially and then gradually increase the time span. Here also you need to do it with the help of a yoga expert.

Supported Bridge Pose

In this position, you are holding you up using your buttock muscles. Here you allow more energy to flow into uterus and ovaries by lifting pelvic region. Be in this pose for thirty seconds initially and can increase the time span gradually.

Sit with Bound Ankle

This is comparatively an easier pose. Here you will be in sitting position with bound ankle which stimulates the pelvic region. If the hip area is tight, this position will be a bit difficult initially but the same will get opened as you continue with this pose regularly. Thus it helps to cleanse the hip region too off all negative energies. You can do it for five minutes daily.

Cobra Pose

This pose, where you lift your body putting whole weight on your arms will help to stimulate the pelvic region and facilitates the flow of energy to ovaries and uterus.

Bending Forward

Just sit down on the floor, stretch your legs and bend forward to touch the toes. Be there for a few seconds and retain the original position. This will enhance the blood circulation especially to the pelvic region.

These are tested and proven yoga poses but one should not do without the help of a yoga expert. It is better to contact and take the advice your fertility doctor before taking a decision to practice yoga.


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