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Are you chosing the Right Fertility Centre?

Are you chosing the Right Fertility Centre?

Pregnancy needs both male and female partner so does the diagnosis of infertility. When it comes to diagnosis of not being able to conceive, where the problem may lie and the concerned solutions, couples always wish there was a single doctor whom both of them could consult.

That’s where the infertility specialist comes in, offering a big-picture advice. Women over age of 35 or those with a history of three or more miscarriages; men with a poor semen analysis; and couples who have tried for at least two years to get pregnant, should plan on seeing a specialist. However, before knocking the doors of a fertility clinic, find out how to choose the best one.

Availability of a quality IVF lab headed by a full time embryologist

Fertility is a journey and needs a personalized patient specific approach. Full time availability of clinicians and embryologists ensure that patient get the best care possible customized as per their need and cycle which is essential for a higher chance of conceiving. Availability of the embryologist on part time basis can lower chances of conceiving because one may not produce eggs at the same rate and time as someone else, but will be forced to receive treatment in a “batch” only on those days when the embryologist is available.

 IVF lab is the heart of any fertility centre. The quality of lab in terms of air quality, instruments and equipments, power back up, staffing, stringent witnessing and labeling systems not only ensures the adequate embryo growth leading to high success rates, but also ensures that the embryos of different patients do not get mixed up.

 Services and Advanced Technologies

An ideal IVF clinic should have wide range of infertility remedies available and with the latest technologies like Pre-genetic screening and diagnosis, fertility preservation, IVM. The Clinic should also be able to address male infertility issues with equal importance with the help of male infertility specialists.

Accreditations and Affiliations

Quality assurance is imperative, involving complex procedures whereby everything has to be performed as per strict quality standards. It is important for fertility centres in India to follow and be certified by ICMR. The certification is a mark of quality of services provided and ensures that ethical practices are followed.

 when it comes to choosing a right fertility centre with class 10,000 IVF Lab offering advanced ART services like IVM, PGD, PGS and Vitrification.

Cost of Treatment and success rates

Infertility treatments come with a financial burden. The IVF centre should have a transparent system of explaining all costs involved and refunds policies at each step of cancellation of the cycle for the patients. However, cheap IVF cycle doesn’t really mean the best. Success rate of the centre for each procedure should be atleast at par or above the worldwide rates

Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine, with 3 branches in Hyderabad is a world-class IVF Fertility Centre certified by ICMR, ISO 9001:2000, committed to provide couples with efficient and evidence based fertility treatments. Oasis scores 10/10 when it comes to choosing a right fertility centre.

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