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Babies are wonderful and Mothers are Special

Babies are wonderful and Mothers are Special

Aims and goals of each person may change, but almost everybody would love to parent a kid. Children are the gift of god and the new born babies are really wonderful things. According to many studies, the baby starts learning many things right after taking birth. And mother is the first teacher. A baby can recognize the face of mother from other female faces and can recognize the mother’s breast pad from other breast pads. It has been proved that a new born baby can recognize the under arm odor of the mother quickly.

The relation between the kid and the mother starts right from within the womb. Baby will familiarize the surroundings there and can understand the emotions and feelings of the mother. That is why the modern medical science asks pregnant women to keep themselves in a good mood. Many studies have revealed that the changes in mother’s mood can affect the baby inside the womb in many ways.

Once outside the womb, a baby will develop intimacy with the mother. The mother will be a replica of god to the baby then. Certainly a baby is being produced by an act where a lot of love and care is involved. Hence it can strengthen the love and bond between the mother and father. According to many psychologists, after a baby has born, the mind and thoughts of mother and father will get concentrated at a single point, the baby. This will help a lot in strengthening the relation. That could be reason for the ancient wisdom to describe a life of infertility as a barren land.

Gradually, baby will learn more things about life. No need to teach anything specifically as the baby has the power to learn most of the things from the actions and behaviors of the mother. If you watch closely, you can find out that most of the babies always look directly on to the face of others. They are learning many things from the different expressions and mannerisms, although they cannot elder’s words. Mother, being the person who spends more time with the baby, thus has a significant role in shaping the personality of the child. Babies learn more from the mothers than from the others.

When the baby become almost one year, it starts sensing more things and during this time, the world of a baby will get shrunk to his or her mother. Certainly, they can recognize father by that time, but will have a very narrow distance between the father and the baby. Experts attribute this behavior to the fact that it is the mother who is coming in touch with the baby physically, more than the father. Each time she carries the bay in her hands, she is expressing her love and affection in the language a baby can understand. This feature, however is not limited to the human species, but to all other animals who give birth to babies and brought them up to certain age. In other words, the love and relation between the kid and the mother is divine and it has been designed by the nature itself to keep this earth alive for a longer period.

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