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Emotional Trauma and Mental Agony due to Infertility

Emotional Trauma and Mental Agony due to Infertility


Fertility or the ability to give birth to a successor is regarded with great value in almost all cultures. It is a general feeling of all to have somebody to follow their tradition and somebody to love as one’s own. Those who fails in this regarded will have to face a lot of questions and gestures with bad intentions in the society. This is affecting the women more than men.

Certainly, men too feel a sort of incompleteness if they could not be successful in realizing the dream of fatherhood. This feeling may develop gradually into depression and may end with more serious psychological conditions. However, men have more mental strength than women and they have more options to divert their attention, thoughts and feelings. Hence, in many cases, men can behave coolly after suppressing their despair within their hearts, but women are not so in most of the cases.

Problem can be with any of the partners, but the tendency of the society is to blame the women at first. Women have to face more questions than men and in many cases they fail to answer properly. A recent survey recently conducted in U.S shows that about 50 percent of the women suffering from infertility undergo various types of trauma and mental agonies. According to the experts in this area, the long waiting for pregnancy, many unfruitful fertility treatments etc may lead them to more severe mental conditions. Besides, each time when they go for the treatment, they may suffer from needle phobia, fear about needles as each treatment includes blood tests too. The trauma will certainly take its toll on the person’s self confidence and may even end up in suicide. This tendency is more in women who had miscarriages in the past.

According to many psychologists, all these emotional trauma and mental agonies are meaningless and unwanted. The modern medical science has perfect answer for this problem. Infertility can be a result of many problems or it can be of any singe problem. In any case, it can be treated and it is possible for most of the infertile couples to realize their dream of parenthood. Here the lack of proper counseling results in the mental depression among most of the patients. Most of the patients are coming for treatment, expecting an immediate result, which is very rare.

As mentioned earlier, a series of reasons will be there behind the infertility and all should be treated to have a result. This may take more than one treatment. Here the patients should have patience and should have confidence on the doctors and their treatments. When your mind is positive, the chances for positive results are also more.

Secondly, one should strictly follow the instructions of the doctor while undergoing the treatment. The specific diet and lifestyle prescribed by the doctor will certainly help to produce an expected result.  Finally, those who are undergoing fertility treatment should be aware about the real reason for the infertility and should be ready to accept the suggestions of the doctor. Sometime surrogacy may be needed and the partners should be mentally ready to accept the truth.

Thus, by behaving wisely, the trauma and the mental agonies due to infertility can be overcome effectively.



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