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Love and Intimacy during Infertility

Love and Intimacy during Infertility

Although infertility is not a permanent condition in most of the cases, it is a situation which creates a lot of physical and mental agony to both the partners. The inability to produce a child may even turn the mental stability upside down.Even if it may not reach to a depression, it will affect the relations between the partners and the relation with others. Especially in a conservative society, where it is considered to be mandatory to produce children after marriages, both the partners will have to face a lot of questions from all corners. This may leave a negative impact on their confidence level.

Secondly, infertility may affect the sexual relations and intimacy too. More common issues reported among women as less sexual desire, inability to achieve orgasm, and lack of pleasure. In several cases, women have reported to have severe pain during sexual intercourse. At the same time, the major problem faced by men is the lack of proper erection. Inability to enjoy the sexual act and the diminishing interests are other things found in men.

Although several physical reasons may be there behind these issues, the major reason is the one related to one’s state of mind. As mentioned earlier, childless couples will have to face a lot of questions and queries which will reduce the level of their self confidence. Prolonged checkups and fertility treatment too will take their toll. When a person lacks self confidence, he or she may not be able to take initiative in anything. Similarly, the concept of sexual relations as defined by the religions and the society as a method or reproduction will develop inferiority complex in their minds. Thus, the partners start a sort of dislike towards sex and gradually it will develop into the dislike of the partner. This is a critical condition and will certainly affect the relations.

However, experts in this field and those who have faced the problems due to infertility once, say loudly that there is nothing to worry. According to medical practitioners, sex is not only an act of reproduction, but also an act to satisfy one’s self. According to them, infertility is neither a disease nor a crime and there is no need to shy away from the society due to infertility. Similarly, there is no need to worry about it. The modern medical science has the answer for it and only thing one has to do is to approach a right medical practitioner for advice and guidance.

However, the partners should be more careful during infertility and during fertility treatments. They should understand the problems in depth and should understand it in the right way. There should not be any space for accusing each other or for feeling guilty. A lot of care is needed during this time and the partners should maintain intimacy with each other. If you fight the situation together, certainly you will realize your dream of parenthood. Modern medical science will certainly support you in your mission.

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