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Does your IVF Clinic follow the rules of the ART Bill?  

Does your IVF Clinic follow the rules of the ART Bill?   

The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) has drafted a bill for Assisted Reproductive Technologies. This bill is yet to become an act, but introduction of the same will take things a long way in checking several unethical practices in the field of assisted reproductive technologies in India.

According to the bill, any fertility center has to strictly adhere to the following.

  1. The clinic should have a well-qualified team of doctors including a Gynaecologist, Andrologist, Clinical Embryologist, Counsellor and a Program Coordinator.
  2. There should be a distinction between the sterile and non-sterile area in the hospital. There should be no overlap between the two.
  3. The non-sterile are includes:
    • A reception and waiting room
    • An examination room with privacy
    • A store room and record room
    • A general laboratory
    • Vermin-proofing of the centre (since pesticides could affect the gametes and embryos)
    • A private semen collection facility with access to a toilet, washbasin, soap and towels. This facility should not be used for any other purpose
    • A separate semen processing laboratory
    • A cleanroom for IUI
  4. An IVF center should not have a sperm bank in the same facility/ building
  5. The centre should also include an operation theater
  6. There needs to be a separate room for embryo transfer
  7. The sterile zone should be fully air conditioned and should be accessed only in sterile garments and sterile footwear
  8. The infertility clinic should have access to all procedures, which are used to diagnose infertility. This could either be done in-house or could be outsourced.
  9. All labs must have standard operating procedures which are adhered to
  10. The clinic needs to definitely have 100% power backup

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