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Some Myths and Truths about Infertility Treatment

Some Myths and Truths about Infertility Treatment


When you are planning to go for infertility treatment you should know certain facts about it. After all, it is you who invest money and time; hence, you should avoid all tensions and worries that may come due to ignorance or misinformation.

  • It is a fat that in most of the cases, the patient will have to undergo more than one course of treatment. No need to wait long time to know the result. One can assume the success rate if the following details such as whether the uterus is ready, tubes are clear, whether you have enough eggs etc are known.
  • Contrary to the common belief, there is no need to remain twenty four hours on bed after embryo transfer. However, the person should avoid getting engaged in heavy works and exercises.
  • It has been found from many studies that the stress will decrease the success rate in IVF. Hence the person should always be kept in good mood and should avoid unnecessary tensions and worries. However, it may not be possible always, hence try to develop interest in different fields to divert the mind from such worries.
  • There is no scientific evidence to show that the complimentary treatments such as acupuncture to enhance blood flow increase the chances. Similarly, there is no scientific evidence to prove that herbal remedies enhance the chances of fertility during IVF.  Hence, it is better to stick to the instructions of the doctor who treats you.
  • Melatonin can help in improving the quality of eggs by reducing Oxidative damages.
  • Although the patients will be advised to follow certain specific healthy diet, that is to avoid complications. There is no evidence to show that any particular food will increase the chances of fertility.
  • There is a belief that usually IVF will not work for people who are more than forty years of age. This is not at all true. IVF will work on people of this age group too, provided other things are favoring a good result.
  • Some times, one person will have to undergo as many as four or five courses to get a result. There is no need to worry or get depressed when the courses fail.

One should be aware about the realities of the treatments, before planning to undergo the same. This will help to avoid unwanted complications during or after the treatment. Similarly, there should be a safe period between the courses. Hence, don’t be in hurry to get a result. Patience is very much required and should have confidence too.

Infertility is certainly a painful stage, but one need to fight it wisely with the help of expert doctors in this field. Similarly, one should always choose the best clinic that has proven track record and experience. Once the treatment is started, the person undergoing treatment should follow then instructions of the doctor to get expected result. When you take the treatment in a renowned clinic and if you follow the instructions strictly, the chances for success will be more.



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