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Is In-Vitro Fertilization for You?

Is In-Vitro Fertilization for You?

In-vitro fertilization is one of the significant advancements in the field of infertility treatment whereby a woman’s egg is extracted and fertilized in the laboratory. The egg – of course- is introduced to the man’s sperm while it is artificially fertilized in the lab. Now, discovering fertility issues can turn out to be a devastating experience for a couple. From the earliest history of mankind, conception is viewed as a natural gift. The fact that there are reportedly more than 6 million couples across the world deprived of this gift doesn’t really impose a sense of the growing “commonality” of this issue (infertility). The fact that couples have a number of medical choices to address infertility doesn’t take away from the mental agony that they experience. Talk about surrogacy, adoption and of course successful IVF (In vitro fertilization).

General Adoption

The aforementioned options – of course- are usually tried only after the couple is unable to conceive even after taking medicines. General adoption though can happen anytime you want. There are couples who prefer adopting kids even after they are able to conceive naturally. A couple might as well be driven by the noble thought of providing a house to an orphaned kid – be it someone who they don’t know at all or somebody in their relations.

A Few Aspects of IVF Discussed

Our focus is IVF anyway. Now, whether it is the best infertility treatment or not can be estimated only when you are ready to educate yourself about the same. The first thing that you should know is that there are different specialists who are trained in IVF. It is erroneous to assume that a general gynecologist is trained in the same. They might as well be aware of the basics of infertility evaluation but IVF treatment requires special training. The particular fellowship program generally entails 3 years of additional training in specialized infertility once they have successfully completed their 4-year residency training in obstetrics and gynecology.

Checking credentials

So, all these facts necessitate the thorough investigation of the credentials of the doctor before consulting the same. In fact, to access the best infertility treatment the couple should conduct thorough background research of both the clinic and the infertility specialist. It is extremely important on the couples’ part to do their homework properly before accessing any kind of advice whatsoever.

  • For how long has the infertility specialist been offering IVF treatment?
  • For how long has the infertility clinic been there?
  • What kind of reviews have the clinic and the doctor earned?
  • Are you talking to your close friends about your condition? Do they have any experience with IVF? If yes, can or will they recommend names of specialists who they had consulted during their trying times?


Embryologists, infertility doctors and reproductive endocrinologists are just a few individuals who are trained in IVF treatment and none of them will tell you that it is infallible. The success rate of IVF treatment can be estimated only after thorough evaluation of patient’s condition.


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