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A Few Myths about Male Infertility Debunked

A Few Myths about Male Infertility Debunked

As shocking as the figures may “sound”, let us tell you that approximately, 2,000,000 men in America are diagnosed with fertility issues. It has been maintained though that only if men agree to bring about simple lifestyle changes, the number will not rise in the coming years. It has been consistently seen that men shy away from learning much about infertility – perhaps due to the fear of unknown.

However, thanks to the existence of advanced male infertility treatment options, these issues (read fertility) are highly treatable. Your education about infertility is incomplete without the knowledge of flaccid myths associated with it. Do read on in order to be duly guided in this regard.

A Few Male Infertility Myths Debunked

The belief that only women need to take folic acid and try to conceive has existed since time immemorial. It has been believed that only women need to take supplements not only in order to conceive but to lower the risk of certain defects while pregnancy as well. Erroneous to the hilt! Folic acid is not really known to be a very important component of male fertility but researchers in the University of California have found that men experienced higher rate of chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm when their diet contained minimal amount of folic acid. Ever heard about Coenzyme Q10? It is known to improve sperm count and sperm mortality thereby shoring up chances of fertility as well.

Infertility is not an aged-based issue as far as men are concerned

Men are immune to age-driven discrepancies of fertility. However, there are prominent studies that have shown that male fertility does decrease with age. It doesn’t help men to not be aware of their fertility potential during conception. It has also been opined that fathers pass on four times the genetic mutations as compared to the mothers. Delaying fatherhood can come with its own set of complications as is the case with delayed motherhood.

Smoking does not affect chances of fertility

When we are talking about lifestyle changes we are actually indicating that the most significant change you can bring about is eliminating tobacco completely from your life. As much as men might believe that smoking does not affect male fertility, the reality is smoking increases chances of male infertility by a whopping 30%. The British Medical Association actually showed that smokers may experience around 30 to 40% lower monthly fecundity. Then there are other study-based estimates that say that around 13% of male infertility might as well be caused by the use of tobacco.

Men can never be infertile

The male partner cannot be infertile. This remains one of the most blatant misconceptions that one can have about fertility in general. Look up the medical journals or the internet. The views and statistics are loud and clear. There are no confusions or contradictory findings. Cases of male infertility are rampant and in no way are they surpassed by that of female infertility. Talk to a clinic providing male infertility treatment options and you will know better.


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