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Pregnancy; Dreams and Realities

Pregnancy; Dreams and Realities

It is the dream of almost all married couple is to have a child. It is more necessary in a conservative society where the prime object of marriage is considered to extend the generations. However, not all will be blessed in this case. There are many couples who are spending their whole life cursing the fate. Here the modern medical science has come up with many measures to help such couples to realize their dream. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is one such treatment which is highly effective and enjoying a high success rate.

The IVF needs highly individualized approach. In other words, each patient is totally different from the other. There is no generalized method of treatment or medication in this treatment. Similarly the process too will take different span of times to produce a result. It may not be possible for all to conceive in a single attempt, though a single attempt might have produced result in somebody else. The number of attempts also will vary from person to person. Hence, one should have determination, patience and will power to accept the realities before planning for the treatment. This treatment involves certain risk factors too.

1. Very young women who are suffering with ovulation disorders and irregular menstruation may have a chance to develop risks related to ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome.
2. Those women with blood clotting disorders, which is hereditary, may face risks during early and late pregnancy.
3. Women with hypertension or cardio vascular diseases may have to experience pregnancy complications.
4. Similarly, sexual transmitted diseases too should be identified if any and should be treated.

One should be realized these risk factors to before planning the treatment. However, the best fertility clinics and expert doctors can content these factors without making them too complicate.

As mentioned earlier, IVF may not produce result in a single attempt and one may have to attempt several times. Women need a full resting time between two attempts. This period too differ from one patient to the other and will be decided by the doctors. In some cases, the patient may have to depend on an egg donor or a gestational surrogate. In this case, the couples should prepare their mind to settle down with reality. To have a child is more often a sentimental issue than a physical need. When one had to be depended somebody else biologically to fulfill the dream, it may cause a bit of disturbance in the mind in the initial stages. Counseling will be given to couples before the treatment in this case.

Once, everything is right, the next worry is about the health of the mother.  Only a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy baby. Hence the woman should stick to the diets prescribed by the doctor and should do the proposed exercises regularly. Pregnancy is the beginning of a new life, irrespective of the matter how it happened. Hence it is the time of joy and happiness. Keep all the worries and tensions away from your mind and lead a calm and peaceful life. Certainly you can enjoy the pleasures of parenthood.

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