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Secondary Infertility

Secondary Infertility

Longing for a Second Child? – Secondary Infertility could be the cause!

Infertility is an issue that doesn’t get settle down with your first baby. Yes. It can hit you while you try to conceive your second child as well. That’s called secondary infertility. Many are not even aware that such a condition exists. But many couples try for a second child in their 30s and are unable to attain their desired family size due to fertility problems. This is an emotionally challenging situation. Couples don’t talk openly about this as they already have a child and this topic doesn’t have many sympathetic listeners.

What causes secondary infertility?

Work and other personal commitments have pushed the timing of conceiving of the first baby to almost 29 or 30. The idea to conceive again for the second child happens by 34 or 35 and by this time, women’s fertility is already on the decline. Men’s sperm count and quality also reduce with age and lifestyle changes.

The major causes of secondary infertility in women are endometriosis, fallopian tube blockage, irregular ovulation, uterine fibroids, sexually transmitted infections, PCOS, history of C-section, unexplained infertility, etc.

In between the two pregnancies, the age of the women increases, women may get PCOS or both men and women may get Diabetes due to lack of exercise which will further complicate conceiving. Habits like smoking also affect fertility in the case of men and women.

The couples suffer from trauma as they are not able to achieve pregnancy after having a baby earlier. Those women under 35 and who are not able to conceive for the second time even after a year, and women above 35 and not able to have a second child after 6 months have to consult a fertility specialist without further delay.

How to overcome Secondary Infertility?

Secondary infertility can be treated through medications, surgeries, or Assisted Reproductive Techniques like IUI, IVF, etc. based on age and health conditions.

The problem of secondary infertility causes a lot of stress and disappointment as the couples are frustrated because of their inability to give a sibling to their child. Lifestyle modifications can bring in a lot of positive changes in one’s health and there are advanced fertility treatments to help couples in achieving their dream of a complete family that resides in their mind.

When couples delay their first pregnancy, second pregnancy gets delayed as well. More people are suffering in agony with their unfulfilled dream of having a second child. The couples should come out of their shell and seek the guidance of a fertility specialist to overcome secondary infertility.

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