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Infertility Awareness

The Infertility Stigma

The Infertility Stigma

Infertility is a condition implying the incapability to conceive a child. As simple as it sounds, this word leaves a deeper scar on a woman’s life than one can imagine. The feeling of motherhood is undoubtedly one of the most special feelings a woman wants and having to know that she might have to remain oblivious of it for the rest of her life makes her world fall apart. Everything goes for a toss, and she ends up blaming herself for a life that is nothing more than a curse. The most astonishing fact is that nobody ever considers about male infertility. In many nations, if you are marked infertile, it is like a mark of shame. The tag and shame almost always fall on the woman, as if she is inherently lesser of a woman for not being able to bear a child. One would assume that by the 21st century, infertility would be extensively discussed, and the stigma associated with it would not count as much. The fact is, infertility has lately become a subject that rises on newsfeeds and blogs.


Breaking the news creates a vicious circle of blues, and women find themselves often trapped for a seemingly long time. The near and dear ones try to find solutions vested in a journey of tranquility by providing solutions for performing unknown rituals often quoting how this problem is as old as the mythology itself. Some even advise to keep on trying, and in a few cases, some may also suggest adopting. But these recommendations don’t change the fact that the world won’t look at her differently. What started as a feeling of disgust evolves on to become a series of repeated failures, and the victim sinks even lower making it nearly impossible for her to break this vicious circle of depression, failure, and shame. Many countries till date link fertility with God’s grace over the couple. Mainly the stigmas prevailing in the society affect women very differently irrespective of who is infertile, husband or wife. If the couple cannot reproduce it falls as a shame on them, mostly on women as if she is the only one at fault.


Medical wonders in today’s world have surpassed most of our expectations, and what seemed to be an impossible cure is often just a treatment away. So is infertility. A treatment can put that smile back on her face. A procedure that can give her that feeling of motherhood. A treatment that can pull her out of the vicious circle. A treatment that can make her socially acceptable.

We at Oasis, provide our clients with a series of treatments for all types of infertility problems. We possess a key for every closed door of infinite happiness. Be it ovulation induction with timed intercourse or In vitro fertilization or even donor treatments. These are a few of the basket of treatments provided to our clients via experienced and trusted medical professionals having a history of putting that lost smile on our clients faces back with a guaranteed assurance. Associate with us, and we will make your dream come true for we are the Oasis in the middle of your desert of infertility.


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