Male Infertility and IVF

Depending on the count, motility and morphology of the semen following are the different methods helpful for conception, provided there is no female factor infertility. This is just a guide and the method of choice can differ from case to case.

Natural conception20million/ml or more50% or more with forward progression30% or more normal forms
IUI5-15 millions/inseminate30-50% with forward progression15% or more normal forms
IVF1-5 millions/inseminate25-30% with forward progression5-15% or more normal forms
ICSILess than 2 millions/inseminateprogressive motility <5%>95% abnormal sperm morphology

IUI – Intra Uterine Insemination or Artificial Insemination

This is the technique of choice if the count is 5-15 millions/ml, if there are 30-50% of forward progression sperms and 15% or more normal forms.

IVF In-Vitro Fertilization

This is the technique of choice if the count is 1-5 millions/ml, if there are 25-30% of forward progression sperms and 5-15% or more normal forms.


This is the technique of choice if the count is <2 millions/ml, if there are <5% of forward progression sperms and >95% or more abnormal forms.

ICSI with surgical retrieval

This is the technique of choice in severe male factor infertility or Azoospermic patients.

Semen Freezing

In the process of Semen freezing, semen is collected and mixed with equal amount of cryoprotectant (chemical to protect the sperm cells from cryo-damage) and stored in Liquid nitrogen.

Indications for Semen Freezing

  • Prior to Vasectomy
  • Prior to cancer treatments like chemo/radiotherapy
  • As a part of semen banking
  • In cases with severe male factor infertility
  • In cases prone to develop azoospermia
  • As a part of IVF cycle, when the partner has got problems with collecting semen on demand
  • In couples where the partner is a frequent traveler

Pre-requisites for semen freezing

  • Three days abstinence
  • Screening for HIV1&2, Hepatitis -B&C, VDRL
  • Consent for freezing

How long can the semen be frozen?

The semen can be frozen for many years provided the method of freezing is done properly.