Test Your Fertility Profile

Semen analysis is the first test ordered in the management of male infertility. In this preliminary assessment, we look at certain physical characteristics like volume or quantity of the ejaculate, pH, time taken to liquefy & levels of fructose. Microscopic examination helps us to measure the count or the concentration, motility of the sperm (forward), morphological characteristics of the sperm (size and shape) & concentration of white blood cells. This analysis helps the assessment of the male fertility profile.

Semen analysis is performed in oasis on all working days between 9am and 1pm. We do not accept samples after 1pm. You can walk in on any working day for the test without any prior appointment. The test report will be ready by evening and can be picked from the front desk.

Pre-Requisites for semen analysis

The pre-requisites for semen analysis are three to five days sexual abstinence and blood reports for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and VDRL. We do not accept semen samples without these reports.